Princess Martha-Louise of Norway reveals she’s planning to move to the US

Another royal off to California! Princess Martha Louise of Norway reveals she’s planning to move to the US to be with boyfriend Shaman Durek Princess Martha Louise of Norway is planning to move to California She’s the daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja, her brother is Crown Prince  Martha Louise has been dating celebrity … Read more

Rare ‘cuckoo wasp’ species found in Norway learns the ‘language’ of other insects before attacking

Cuckoo wasps are the ultimate bad houseguests, hiding their eggs in other insect’s nests and then allowing them to hatch and eat their ‘siblings.’   Researchers in Norway were able to identify an entirely new cuckoo wasp based on a single specimen.  To infiltrate the homes of unsuspecting wasps, the killer insects mimic their hosts’ pheromones—and … Read more

Nature: Mysterious jelly ‘blobs’ off Norway coast may be filled with tiny squid eggs and mucus

Bizarre, three-foot-wide blobs of jelly have been spotted off the Norwegian coast — and they contain tiny squid eggs in a bubble of mucus, a study has found. Researchers found that each of the blobs may contain as many as hundreds of thousands of the tiny eggs, each of which can develop into an embryonic … Read more

Norway ski champion Daniel-Andre Tande suffers horror fall in Slovenia

Olympic gold medallist in ski jump horror: Norway’s Daniel-Andre Tande suffers broken collar bone and is put into medical coma after losing control mid-air and crashing 27-year-old was taking part in individual competition Thursday when he fell  Tande lost control while in the air, turned on his side and hit the slope hard  He bounced … Read more

MARKET REPORT: Rolls-Royce shares dive 5.9% on Norway engines woe

The recovery plan at Rolls-Royce has been dealt a blow after Norway blocked the sale of an engines company to a Russian group. The Norwegian government called a halt to the £130million deal to sell Bergen Engines to TMH on national security grounds. The takeover ‘would have been of significant military strategic interest to Russia, … Read more

From treetop cabins to a glass igloo, 17 jaw-dropping places to stay in Norway

If you’re in the market for a post-lockdown excursion to somewhere breathtaking – with a little splash of wacky thrown in for good measure – then allow us to point you in the direction of Norway. There you’ll find high altitude luxury cabins with views of fjords, a glass igloo, an igloo hotel, a place … Read more

Europe Covid vaccines: Italy, Norway, Demark halt use of AstraZeneca jab

Italy and Norway have joined Denmark and a host of other European countries in halting their use of AstraZeneca jabs amid fears they cause blood clots.  Eight EU countries have now announced they will stop using the jab over blood clot fears after a nurse in Austria died from a clot shortly after taking it. … Read more

Aston Villa fan from Norway unveiled as fantasy football expert who revealed Jack Grealish injury

Fantasy football expert who caused uproar when he revealed star player Jack Grealish’s injury is unveiled as Norwegian called Henning who built his own bot to beat the system Aston Villa fan from Norway called Henning publicised Jack Grealish’s injury  Three Villa players and two support staff removed Grealish from fantasy line-ups Changes to line-up … Read more

Biden deploys four B-1 bombers to Norway in message to Putin

Joe Biden deploys four B-1 bombers to Norway to operate on the edge of Russian air space in message to Vladimir Putin President Joe Biden is deploying four Air Force B-1 bombers to Norway to express to Russia’s Vladimir Putin that the U.S. will protect its Arctic allies  CNN reported the move Monday, saying bombers … Read more