Moment shots ring out at Ohio high school football game: Fans flee under stands as gunfire is heard

Pandemonium grips Ohio high school football game as shots ring out: Fans flee under stands and parents dive on children as gunfire is heard during fourth quarter A Whitmer student and two adults suffered injuries from a shooting outside of a Whitmer High School vs Toledo Central Catholic football game on Friday The shoot-out occurred … Read more

NBA All-Star 2022: Stephen Curry wins Kobe Bryant MVP Award as Team LeBron beat Team Durant 163-160

Stephen Curry got another 3-point record. LeBron James got another All-Star win. Not a bad night in Ohio for the two All-Stars from Akron. ‘It’s right on the nose of how it should go,’ Curry said. Curry turned boos to oohs and aahs with the greatest long-distance shooting performance in All-Star Game history, then James … Read more

Urban Meyer’s ‘squeeze’ Cayman Nebraska, 24, is seen for the first time since video went viral

Cayman Nebraska is seen in his photo with Urban Meyer with her head on his shoulder  The 24-year-old woman who was filmed grinding on Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer is seen for the first time since the viral encounter.  Exclusive photos show Cayman Nebraska, 24, outside of her new $400,000 Ohio home, which … Read more

Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry pressured deputy AG to investigate election fraud in his state

A new report by Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats retraces efforts by House ‘Freedom Caucus’ member Rep. Scott Perry to push election fraud claims to a top Justice Department official – who then passed them on to a US Attorney. Perry is also credited with introducing former President Donald Trump to DOJ official Jeffrey Clark, who … Read more

Trump-backed Republican candidate Max Miller ‘assaulted girlfriend Stephanie Grisham’, sources claim

Trump-backed GOP candidate Max Miller ‘slapped former White House Press Secretary girlfriend Stephanie Grisham after she accused him of cheating on her’, sources claim Miller was dating Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s spokesperson when she was First Lady  According to a Politico report on Wednesday, their relationship ended when he ‘slapped’ her last April  She had accused … Read more

German shepherd fetches toy for cat and then patiently holds it up for her to catch

Purrfect playmate: German shepherd fetches toy for cat and then patiently holds it up for her to catch German shepherd Anya always brings rescue kitten Munchie her favourite toy   Owner Lori Knoble from Cleveland, Ohio, rescued Munchie from a dumpster   Munchie and Anya have been best friends ever since and play every day   By Isabella … Read more

Moment LeBron James confronts youth tournament PA announcer over perceived slight of his son, Bronny

With his NBA season over, LeBron James instead seized the spotlight at a recent youth game when a public address announcer ostensibly suggested that his 16-year-old son, Bronny, was getting preferential treatment from officials because he was playing in a gym renamed for the Los Angeles Lakers star. James is missing just his second NBA … Read more