Rama in Vlora: SP in a new phase, need to open to new streams without any prejudice

14:02 27/05/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama continued with the thank-you meetings. He was this Saturday in Vlora where he reiterated that the result of the May 14 elections was historic for the Socialist Party. While commenting on the results of the elections for the municipal councils, he said that the SP has received its vote, … Read more

Basha invites citizens: Let’s start a journey together without delay, 100% open lists

17:43 24/05/2023 The former chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha has returned to the political scene after more than a year. In his meeting with young people in Tirana, Basha invited all citizens to come together to start a new path that will enable Albanians to have the power to vote. The latter, says … Read more

Benet Beci: Gratitude to those who made me the first citizen of Shkodra, it will be the municipality of open doors

16:23 19/05/2023 The elected mayor of Shkodër Municipality, Benet Beci, has expressed his gratitude to all the citizens and those who entrusted him with the candidacy for this municipality. Benet Beci from the theater “Migjeni” said that this is one of the most extraordinary experiences of his life. Beci said that being the first citizen … Read more

Fevziu: DP must open up, Sali Berisha must face the truth

22:06 15/05/2023 In an interview with Klan News, journalist Blendi Fevziu analyzed the results of the 2023 local elections. Comparing the opposition and the majority, Fevziu said that with the municipalities won, “Together We Win” administers about 100 thousand people compared to 2.7 million administered by the Socialist Party. In Fevzi’s point of view, the … Read more

Klevis Balliu harshly accuses the SP: They put the tritol on the leader of the DP in Vaun e Deja! This is how we will open the campaign

16:54 13/04/2023 The head of organization in DP, Klevis Balliu, has given more details about the launch of the campaign on April 15 at the “Air Albania” stadium. Through a Skype connection with the journalist of Klan News Besard Jacaj, Balliu said that on Saturday there will be an introduction to the “Together We Win” … Read more

Rama, Vucic and Kovacevski: “Open Balkan” increased economies

19:36 02/04/2023 “The division over Kosovo does not prevent us from cooperating” The free movement of people and goods and the effect on the growth of the region’s economies were the headlines of the statements of a joint conference of the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, and the … Read more

Rama: At the end of May, the next meeting of the “Open Balkans”

18:37 02/04/2023 From Italy, where the wine fair is held in Bardolino, the leaders of the three Balkan countries, Prime Minister Edi Rama, Prime Minister of North Macedonia Kovacevski and Serbian President Vucic, held a joint conference where they spoke about the progress of the economic and trade initiative within the ” Open Balkans”. Prime … Read more

Hoxha: Rama is artificially keeping the Open Balkans alive

20:15 27/02/2023 Invited to the “Milori Live” studio in Klan News, analyst Artan Hoxha spoke about today’s meeting between the two governments, of Montenegro and Albania. Hoxha said that these types of meetings between the countries of the region have become commonplace, stressing that in recent years the reports in the Balkans are fewer. “Good … Read more

Rama: The New Hospital of Internal Diseases at QSUT will open its doors as a great added value on the road to Renaissance

08:15 16/01/2023 The Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama has wished you all a good week with the New Hospital of Internal Diseases at QSUT. In his post on Facebook, Prime Minister Rama writes that this hospital is a major investment designed and implemented ensuring the highest European standards in every aspect. Prime Minister … Read more

Berisha: We will coordinate with the opposition of other countries to bury the Open Balkans

13:03 02/12/2022 The head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, declared this Friday that the Albanian opposition will coordinate with the opposition of other countries to bury, according to him, the Open Balkans as soon as possible. Berisha welcomed the protests in Montenegro against this initiative. “We will coordinate with the opposition of other countries … Read more