Meta after the meeting with Berisha: All the opposition are together for change

12:16 10/03/2023 The meeting between the chairman of the Freedom Party Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha at the blue headquarters has ended.The meeting lasted about 40 minutes. PL chairman Ilir Meta declared to the media that the vast majority of municipal councils will be of the united opposition. He emphasized that the moment for change … Read more

Meta from the opposition protest: Protest and elections for the overthrow of this regime

13:29 03/03/2023 From the opposition’s protest, the chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, said that the opposition’s path is protests and elections. The chairman of the PL, Meta, has accused Prime Minister Rama that, according to him, he wants to receive the logo and stamp of the DP, adding that Prime Minister Rama is … Read more

“Lobbying against the opposition”, Berisha: Rama cheated, the American court never lies

12:30 02/03/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, spoke about the “McGonigal” case, as he said that “Prime Minister Rama cheated in Parliament”, while the chief democrat added that the American court never lies. Referring to the investigation file, Berisha says that Rama deceived when he declared in Parliament that it is not … Read more

Rama ridicules the opposition: On May 14, you will also win Vlora with Washington, this will be the 10th year of your victory

11:29 02/03/2023 In his speech to the Parliament in the motion for debate with the Parliament on the “McGonigal” issue, Prime Minister Edi Rama ridiculed the opposition for the May 14 local elections. The head of the government stated that he will not engage in any debate and discussion with the opposition, but according to … Read more

The opposition will protest again tomorrow in front of the parliament

10:00 22/02/2023 Opposition protests will continue in front of the parliament. In the last protest, Berisha left it somewhat evasive whether or not there would be protests in front of the Parliament, but as journalist Enkel Xhangoli reports during his speech yesterday in the National Council, he said that in addition to the preparations for … Read more

Protest called by the opposition, Berisha: March 3 an extraordinary day

18:54 21/02/2023 At the meeting of the National Council of the Democratic Party, Chief Democrat Berisha stated that the national protest called on March 3 will be an extraordinary day. For that day, the chairman of the DP has said that Albanians will express the spirit of the protest. Among other things, Berisha added that … Read more

Should the opposition led by Sali Berisha be registered in the elections?

21:41 16/02/2023 During the interview he is conducting on the show “Opinion”, Prime Minister Edi Rama also answered the question if he thinks that the opposition led by Sali Berisha should be registered in the elections. Rama said that the DP stamp issue is a matter for the court. He emphasized that the Socialist Party … Read more

The opposition is protesting tomorrow in front of the Assembly, Berisha publishes the protest spot

10:22 15/02/2023 Tomorrow the Assembly will hold its next plenary session, so the opposition has decided to protest again. It is the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, who published the spot of the protest called to be held on Thursday in front of the Parliament. “Parliament proved that they are much closer to … Read more

Today at 17:00 protest in front of the Parliament, Berisha invites the citizens: Let the voice of the opposition people be heard

13:21 13/02/2023 “I invite you all to have your voice heard, in the hall and outside the hall, the voice of the opposition people” As it was warned, this afternoon the opposition has called a protest in front of the Parliament. This was reconfirmed by the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, in a … Read more