Rama: The opposition wants to take the municipalities hostage

15:44 12/05/2023 “Her candidates do not deserve any vote” Socialists have decided to hold the two final electoral meetings in Shkodër and Durrës this afternoon. The reason for this selection, according to the prime minister, is the philosophy with which these municipalities have been governed by the socialists and those they face in these elections. … Read more

Rama for the opposition candidate in the Municipality of Vlora: They have found the stupidest

19:51 06/05/2023 From Vlora, where he asked for a vote for the SP candidate for the municipality, Ermal Dredhan, Prime Minister Edi Rama also attacked the candidate of the opposition coalition “Bashke Fitomje”, Hysni Sharra. Such a candidate, said Rama, “you can’t find him in Vlora even with a candle”. And for this selection of … Read more

11 days away from the elections/ Biberaj: The Prime Minister is like a clown in the campaign! Resulaj: The opposition is jealous of Rama’s strategy

13:58 03/05/2023 Local election day is only 11 days away. This Wednesday, in an interview with Klan News journalist Besard Jacaj, former democratic deputy Aleksandër Biberaj and SP deputy Pranvera Resulaj talked about the electoral campaign. On the one hand, Biberaj emphasized the lack of calculation of Prime Minister Edi Rama, while Resulaj said that … Read more

Media in Lezha: Immigrant voting, the first task of the opposition

14:54 28/04/2023 “Vote for the PR city council candidates and for Pashk Gjoni” The chairman of the Republican Party, Fatmir Mediu, stated from Lezha that the first task to be carried out by the opposition is to create opportunities for Albanian citizens living abroad to vote. Asking for votes for municipal council candidates, Mediu said … Read more

The trial in The Hague unites the majority and the opposition in Albania

16:20 03/04/2023 MPs: The accusations against them are unfair, they fought to protect the people from Serbian attacks Albanian politics considers the accusations brought against the former leaders of the KLA, who are being tried in The Hague, unjust. The MPs emphasize that the KLA fought to protect the people of Kosovo from the attacks … Read more

Meta after the meeting with Berisha: All the opposition are together for change

12:16 10/03/2023 The meeting between the chairman of the Freedom Party Ilir Meta and Sali Berisha at the blue headquarters has ended.The meeting lasted about 40 minutes. PL chairman Ilir Meta declared to the media that the vast majority of municipal councils will be of the united opposition. He emphasized that the moment for change … Read more

Meta from the opposition protest: Protest and elections for the overthrow of this regime

13:29 03/03/2023 From the opposition’s protest, the chairman of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, said that the opposition’s path is protests and elections. The chairman of the PL, Meta, has accused Prime Minister Rama that, according to him, he wants to receive the logo and stamp of the DP, adding that Prime Minister Rama is … Read more

“Lobbying against the opposition”, Berisha: Rama cheated, the American court never lies

12:30 02/03/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, spoke about the “McGonigal” case, as he said that “Prime Minister Rama cheated in Parliament”, while the chief democrat added that the American court never lies. Referring to the investigation file, Berisha says that Rama deceived when he declared in Parliament that it is not … Read more