“Donkeys come around”, Rama recites poetry to the opposition in Parliament (Video)

12:59 24/11/2022 While the Parliament is talking about the investment of the Port of Durrës, Prime Minister Rama has recited poetry to the opposition in the Parliament. During his speech, Prime Minister Rama said that no one has a chance to kill Durrës’s chance of transformation. Edi Rama: A stable growth coincides with the period … Read more

The opposition blocks the floor, the session is interrupted for 5 minutes

10:38 24/11/2022 The leader of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, was not given the floor in the Parliament, so the chief democrat blocked the podium together with several DP deputies. Due to the blockage of the pulpit, the parliamentary session was interrupted for 5 minutes. The chief democrat has entered a direct link on social … Read more

Rama refutes the opposition about the floods

15:42 22/11/2022 “Surface under water, almost 10 times smaller than in 2010” The current majority compares the damage caused by the floods of the last few days to those caused in 2010 when the socialists were in opposition and accused the democrats of mismanaging the discharges from the cascades of hydropower plants, as the latter … Read more

Opposition protest on December 6, DP deputy: Wrong, don’t give this gift to Rama

19:52 18/11/2022 The deputy of the Democratic Party, Kreshnik Çollaku, has opposed the holding of the protest by the “Foltor” on December 6. “Calling a protest on December 6, the day when EU leaders meet in Tirana, as a strong geostrategic demonstration of the future of the Western Balkans in opposition to Russian efforts to … Read more

Opposition protest on December 6, Veliaj: What a shame, alla-Berisha protest when Europe gathers in Tirana

18:57 18/11/2022 The mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, has described as a shame the statement of the president of the PD Sali Berisha that the next protest will be on December 6, the day when the EU summit with the Western Balkans will take place and all the European leaders will come. in Tirana for … Read more

Rama: The opposition seeks destabilization in the interests of the Kremlin

15:43 16/11/2022 “The budget faces difficulties because of energy” Rama returned to the new pre-electoral tour and also returned to the issue of Russian funding for the Democratic Party, but also another opposition force as he revealed the day before without giving its name. But while he understands the reasons why the opposition has agreed … Read more

Today, opposition protest – Tv Klan

12:05 12/11/2022 Today at 16:00 the protest called by the opposition will take place. During a live link for the TV Klan news edition, the journalist Jolldiz Mitro conveyed details of what is expected to happen this afternoon on the “Dëşmorët e Kombit” Boulevard. The journalist reported that the slogan of the protest will be … Read more

Police measures for the opposition protest, the roads that will be blocked

20:03 11/11/2022 Within the framework of the rally that will take place on 12.11.2022, at 16:00, on the boulevard “Dëshmorët e Kombit”, in Tirana, the State Police, in order to guarantee order and security, before, during and after the end of gathering, in implementation of the tasks defined in the plan of measures, drawn up … Read more