Head of organ donation unit will save lives with her own organs after deadly car crash

Head of donor unit who saved countless lives by organising transplants will save will save a handful more with her own organs after she was killed in a car crash Siobhan Brosnan died in hospital on Easter Sunday after her jeep collided with a car on Friday in Adare, Ireland The other driver, Mary Barry, a … Read more

Surgeons perform double-lung transplant using organs from donor who previously had COVID-19

Surgeons at Chicago hospital perform one of the world’s first double-lung transplants on a COVID patient using organs from a donor who previously tested positive for the virus The patient, an Illinois healthcare worker in his 60s, tested positive for COVID-19 in May 2020 He became so ill that he was put on life support … Read more

Snapchat launches AR lens that lets you see your organs 

Snapchat has launched a body-tracking augmented reality (AR) lens that marks out where your organs are.  Users of the popular video-sharing app just have to scan a Snapcode to activate the AR lens, which then uses your smartphone’s camera to identify a body.  It then locates key organs within the body, such as the heart, … Read more

Kukri snakes swallow organs of toads and frogs while keeping them alive

Kukri snakes slice open toads and frogs before inserting their heads into their bodies and and eating their organs one by one while the prey is still alive, scientists report. Biologists have published three studies, each detailing the horrifying feeding behaviour in one of three different species of kukri snakes in Asia.  The three closely … Read more

‘World first’ as NHS doctors transplant hearts in children using organs brought back to life

NHS doctors have reportedly become the first in the world to successfully transplant a heart that has previously stopped into a child patient. Surgeons have historically used hearts from brain-dead patients – someone whose heart is still beating but is unable to survive without artificial life support – in transplants. But, in a move which … Read more

Toddler bleeds to death after swallowing button battery that burned through organs in North Carolina

A toddler bled to death after swallowing the tiny battery from a remote control that burned through his organs – as his paramedic parents battled to save his life at their North Carolina home. Johnathan Huff, who was just 23 months old, ingested a button battery that spent four days burning through his oesophagus, intestines … Read more

Organs from elderly donors can be ‘rejuvenated’ by getting rid of cells that increase inflammation

Despite the lack of organs available for patients on transplant waitlists, organs from older, deceased donors are frequently thrown away. But a new study suggests organs from elderly donors can be ‘rejuvenated’ by making them ‘younger.’ Researchers say anti-aging drugs can ‘turn back the clock’ on hearts, livers, kidneys and lungs by getting rid of … Read more

Cyborg: Human organs could soon merge with computers to monitor health

A new ‘cyborg-like’ technology has been developed to safely merge electronic devices with human tissue to better monitor health and track tumours. Scientists from the University of Delaware found a way to attach devices inside a human body by connecting it to tissue using a coating that is more energy efficient.  Connecting electronics to tissue … Read more

Microplastic pollution found in human organs could increase the risk of infertility and cancer 

Microplastic pollution has been found in human organs — with scientists fearing the tiny particles could increase the risk of infertility and cancer — a study has reported.  Experts from the Arizona State University are the first to show that the tiny plastic particles — which form when larger plastics break down — can enter … Read more

Coronavirus: Why infection attacks some organs and not others

Why does coronavirus attack some organs and not others? Study suggests COVID-19 infection in the lungs makes the heart and brain more vulnerable – but the stomach is not affected Researchers looked at proteins in the lungs and how they interact with proteins the virus uses to infect cells They found 59 lung proteins, which … Read more