“McGonigal”, Rama in Parliament: This is the most absurd motion, the investigation has nothing to do with me

11:16 02/03/2023 Rama considers the motion with debate in Parliament on the “McGonigal” case requested by the opposition to be absurd. In his speech to the Parliament, the Prime Minister spoke about the US investigation into this matter, clarifying that the former senior FBI official is accused of collaborating with the Russian oligarch Deripaska and … Read more

The opposition will protest again tomorrow in front of the parliament

10:00 22/02/2023 Opposition protests will continue in front of the parliament. In the last protest, Berisha left it somewhat evasive whether or not there would be protests in front of the Parliament, but as journalist Enkel Xhangoli reports during his speech yesterday in the National Council, he said that in addition to the preparations for … Read more

Rama goes to the parliament, Alibeaj: Let’s do the interpellation, he is the reason for all this tollovia

16:09 16/02/2023 The presence of Prime Minister Edi Rama in the parliament has caused debates among the opposition MPs who have asked to conduct an interview with him on the McGonigal case. Enkelejd Alibeaj said that the reason for the situation in the parliament is the head of the government, therefore he asked for a … Read more

Tomorrow’s protest/ Berisha: “RamGonigali” should not enter the Parliament

13:55 15/02/2023 Berisha: Call for mass protest on March 3, we have only one target, Edi Rama At the meeting of the parliamentary group of the Democratic Party, the chief democrat Berisha has called for participation the next day in the opposition protest at 10:00 in front of the Parliament at the start of the … Read more

Berisha: Rama will go to the Parliament in a month, but he is afraid and terrified of our presence

13:46 15/02/2023 The Democratic Party gathered the parliamentary group today. At the beginning of the meeting, the chief democrat Berisha spoke, who emphasized the “McGonigal” investigative file, for which he says he is in prison, while also adding that the prime minister “Edi Rama belongs in prison” because, according to him, he threatened security of … Read more

Today at 17:00 protest in front of the Parliament, Berisha invites the citizens: Let the voice of the opposition people be heard

13:21 13/02/2023 “I invite you all to have your voice heard, in the hall and outside the hall, the voice of the opposition people” As it was warned, this afternoon the opposition has called a protest in front of the Parliament. This was reconfirmed by the chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, in a … Read more

Berisha – DP parliamentary group: We must prepare for strong resistance in Parliament

14:40 02/02/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, is holding a meeting with the DP parliamentary group. At the beginning of his speech, Chief Democrat Berisha thanked the opposition MPs for the position they took after their request for a motion with a debate with Prime Minister Rama regarding the “McGonigal” case was … Read more

Parliament approves the laws even though the opposition blocked the floor

12:44 02/02/2023 The Parliament has approved the bills foreseen for today amid a session full of tensions, as the opposition MPs had blocked the floor. At the request of the majority, the Parliament went directly to the voting of the laws, bypassing the discussions in the session. After the votes, the plenary session closed its … Read more

Tensions in Parliament, MP Gazment Bardhi is expelled

12:07 02/02/2023 Democratic Party MP Gazment Bardhi has been expelled from the plenary session after debates in Parliament. The decision was given by Speaker Lindita Nikolla, as according to her, MP Bardhi said offensive words. The opposition blocked the floor of the Parliament after the Prime Minister Edi Rama did not appear in the session … Read more

The opposition wants it in the Parliament, Rama posts on “Facebook”

11:35 02/02/2023 While in Parliament, DP deputies are asking him to develop a motion with debate and interpellation on the issue of “McGonigal”, the Prime Minister of the country Edi Rama has posted on his social network “Facebook”. Prime Minister Rama’s post is dedicated to the construction of the new commercial port in Porto Romano … Read more