The CEC orders the removal of posters of political parties

21:38 03/05/2023 Celibashi: Removed by the police, they do not contain the required note All posters of political parties that do not contain the note “Produced under the legal responsibility of x party” will have to be removed from the streets of 61 municipalities in the country. The decision was taken by the chief commissioner … Read more

May 14, the parties entrust the race to men

13:33 28/04/2023 For 61 municipalities, only 14 women entered the race The race to win the local government, the political subjects have entrusted more to men. This is clearly shown by the list of candidates, which is dominated by men. In the race on May 14, for 61 municipalities, only 14 women entered the race. … Read more

CEC, 97 million Lek for political parties

16:21 22/04/2023 “If they don’t do transparency, they lose funding for 5 years” The Central Election Commission has decided to distribute 97 million Lek to 9 electoral subjects that received more than 1 percent of the votes in the 2015 local elections. Of these, the largest part of the amount benefits the Socialist Party which … Read more

Financing of political parties, Celibashi: Through the system, the CEC will do everything for transparency

10:06 19/04/2023 The head of the Central Election Commission, Ilirjan Celibashi, spoke today in a press conference about the system that will monitor and collect data on the financing of political parties. Celibashi emphasized that this system enables the verification of every political subject during the election campaign so that there are no abuses of … Read more

The race for Tirana/ Roland Bejko: Every vote for the “Together We Win” coalition goes to the left parties

13:44 14/04/2023 The candidate for the Municipality of Tirana, Roland Bejko, has called on the democratic voters not to vote for the coalition “We Win Together” of Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta, but, according to him, for the Democratic Party and the DP candidate for Tirana that he represents. In the presentation of the program … Read more

46 parties registered for “May 14”, Celibashi: Not all will participate in the elections

22:17 14/03/2023 46 parties have registered for the May 14 local elections. But not all these parties go to the end of the electoral process. The State Electoral Commissioner, Ilirjan Celibashi, said that some will not participate in the elections because they fail to present candidates. “46 parties. Only a part will participate in the … Read more

The requests of the parties to register in the elections, the meeting of the CEC is expected

15:47 06/03/2023 Today’s Monday is the deadline for submission of requests by political forces that want to register for the May 14 elections. In total, there are 41 political forces that have submitted their requests to the Central Election Commission. Now it is Commissioner Celibashi who has the right to set the date for the … Read more