Britain will pass threshold for herd immunity on MONDAY

Britain is set to pass the threshold for herd immunity on Monday, scientists say. Modelling by University College London (UCL) suggests that 73.4 per cent of the population will have protection against Covid by April 12. The figures outdo pessimistic estimations by Imperial College this week – which suggested that just 34 per cent would have … Read more

Next year’s Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race could pass Big Ben in front of a million-strong crowd

The Boat Race could have a new look this time next year, as plans to change the route to avoid the unsafe Hammersmith Bridge could see it run past London landmarks such as Big Ben with a million-strong crowd.  The 133-year-old west London bridge was suddenly closed in August last year after cracks were discovered … Read more

Boris Johnson faces battle against Labour AND Tories to pass vaccine passports law

Boris Johnson faces a battle to get plans for Covid vaccine passports into law after Sir Keir Starmer suggested needing one to go to the pub would be un-British. The Labour leader hinted that his party could line up alongside Tory rebels to oppose the idea being examined by senior ministers.   Sir Keir said demanding certificates … Read more

Ministers looking at Israel ‘Green Pass’ to allow vaccinated to enter restaurants and bars

Will Israel’s jab passport scheme get Britain moving again? Ministers are looking at ‘Green Pass’ which allows the vaccinated to enter restaurants, bars, concert venues and gyms Ministers in both countries preparing for talks on Green Pass scheme In Israel, Green Pass shows date the holder had a jab or recovered from Covid It is … Read more

Joe Biden calls for an assault weapons ban and for Senate to pass background check bills

President Joe Biden renewed his call for an assault weapons ban as he spoke Tuesday in the aftermath of the Boulder, Colorado mass shooting, in which 10 were killed.  ‘We can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country once again,’ he said, encouraging lawmakers to act.    He also told U.S. senators that they should … Read more

Plastic ‘nanoparticles’ can pass from pregnant mothers to fetuses, rat study shows

Tiny ‘nanoparticles’ of plastic that drift around every surface and substance of our world can pass from a mother’s body to her fetus’s brain, heart or lungs, a new study in rats suggests.  We don’t know exactly how these tiny bits of trash affect human health, but we do know that humans ingest and inhale … Read more

Students at University of Manchester pass vote of no confidence in vice-chancellor

Students at University of Manchester pass vote of no confidence in vice-chancellor Dame Nancy Rothwell amid fury over her handling of pandemic at institution Dame Nancy Rothwell faced opposition over university’s handling of pandemic Some 89 per cent of those who took part in a referendum voted ‘no confidence’  Vote is non-binding but it will … Read more

Roy Greenslade boasted how he put on Irish accent to pass details on to a reporter on his own paper

How former editor Roy Greenslade boasted how he did ‘my little bit to get at the truth’ by putting on Irish accent to pass details from a Republican contact to a reporter on his own paper Ex-Fleet Street editor Roy Greenslade phoned one of his reporters in Irish accent He described the phone call to colleague … Read more

Covid: Vaccinated are 30% less likely to pass on virus after first dose, study suggests

Vaccinated people are 30 per cent less likely to pass on Covid after their first dose and less than half as likely to after two doses, a study has suggested.  A study of 300,000 NHS staff in Scotland found it became significantly less likely that someone living with a health worker would test positive if … Read more