Peleshi: Starting today, salaries for the military will increase by 7%

13:03 01/03/2023 The Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi, announced that from today the salaries for the military will increase by 7%. “On the proposal of the Prime Minister, today the Council of Ministers has approved a salary increase of 7% starting today, that is, a decision that comes into effect immediately from March 1. for … Read more

Minister Peleshi is expected at the Pentagon by the American Secretary of Defense

23:17 26/01/2023 Defense Minister Niko Peleshi met this Thursday at the Pentagon with American Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin. Secretary Austin appreciated the relations between the two countries. “Over the past 3 decades, our relationship has only deepened. Our forces train together and work alongside each other in coalition operations. Albanian troops have served … Read more

Peleshi: Priority, increasing cyber security

12:25 08/01/2023 “We receive “Bayraktar” drones, helicopters and “Javelin” missiles After several successful practices during the past year, the Ministry of Defense is thinking that all tenders for equipment with considerable value, their maintenance, up to the uniforms of the Armed Forces, will no longer be done by itself, but will be carried out by … Read more

Combat drones agreement, Peleshi: We will start with three and grow in the future

16:39 20/12/2022 The Albanian government signed today the agreement for the purchase of “Bayraktar” unmanned combat drones. Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi, present at this event, expressed his enthusiasm for cooperation with the Republic of Turkey and clarified the importance of this for our country. Niko Peleshi: What we are writing and celebrating today is … Read more

Peleshi: Elite athletes will receive honorary degrees

13:19 23/11/2022 The government has made a change in the law on military career in the Armed Forces, which includes the honorary rank that will be given to elite sportsmen who win trophies in international competitions. The news was announced by the Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi, who presented this government decision today. From the … Read more

Peleshi message from Shkodra: Let’s leave the political differences, come together to face the situation

14:48 21/11/2022 “Let’s leave the political differences and come together to face the situation. We are far from the 2010 scenario. That scenario has not been repeated since 2010. Spahia and all other mayors are invited to join, there is no political connection today”. this was the message that Defense Minister Niko Peleshi gave from … Read more