How to Build Your "Fashion Library" – Blogs, Magazines, Sites, YouTube | #FFin30 {Video 8}

How to Build Your "Fashion Library" – Blogs, Magazines, Sites, YouTube  | #FFin30 {Video 8}

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Basha returns, meets young people in Tirana: No campaign has started yet, let’s talk relaxed

17:14 24/05/2023 The former head of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, has returned to meetings with citizens. After more than a year from his resignation from the function of the president of the DP, Basha this Wednesday held a conversation with the young people in the capital. He emphasized in his speech that in these … Read more

Berisha: There is evidence that we will submit to international authorities, people want a guarantee for their heads

13:13 19/05/2023 As he listed a number of cases where according to him the elections were manipulated, former Prime Minister Sali Berisha emphasized that the Democratic Party is preparing some evidence to hand over to international authorities. He declares that they are evidence that prove an unfair electoral process and their denunciation will be quite … Read more

Rama: On May 14, people should stay on the side of history, we will have a result that rewards our work

10:12 26/04/2023 After the meeting of the Presidency of the Socialist Party, the head of this political force, Edi Rama, said that the citizens should choose the side of history on May 14. Rama considers the local elections as a decisive moment for the cooperation between the government and the local government. And in this … Read more

Veliaj wishes Easter: Day of unity, of love, of people who work and want to move things forward

14:41 16/04/2023 The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, wished Easter to all Orthodox believers. From the Orthodox Church, Veliaj said that this is a day of unity, of love, of people who work and want to move things forward. The mayor shared the news that the Church of St. Prokop will be rebuilt from scratch. … Read more

Ivi Kaso: Tomorrow the stadium will be full of people! DP stays away from bravado and bad taste

17:08 14/04/2023 The secretary for electoral and legal affairs in DP, Ivi Kaso, spoke this Friday through a Skype connection to Klan News, giving more details about the opening of the campaign tomorrow on “Air Albania”. Kaso emphasizes that citizens have responded with great enthusiasm to the call to join this important event for the … Read more

Rama opens podcast: Invited people known and unknown. We also talk to the opponents

08:29 03/04/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama has informed his followers on social networks about an experience. The head of government will open a podcast and part of it says that there will be known and unknown people. Rama has called it “Flasim” and adds that the guests will be Albanians who are part of the … Read more

Berisha: Here people are killed in the line of duty, the gangs have the courage to support the government

12:24 31/03/2023 Commenting on the order and security in the country, which is triggered by the recent criminal events in the country, Chief Democrat Sali Berisha says that criminal gangs have the support of the government. In the weekly communication with journalists, Berisha said that no gang would dare to fire volleys at a bar … Read more

Rama: It is unacceptable that 32% of people in construction receive the minimum wage, we will not tolerate it anymore

14:50 29/03/2023 The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, during a meeting with employees of a construction company in Tirana, stated that it is unacceptable that 32% of the 53,000 people in this sector receive the minimum wage. Rama said that this will no longer be tolerated by the government. Edi Rama: 32 percent … Read more

1 year since the Russian aggression, Berisha: PD strongly supports the resistance of the Ukrainian people

12:24 24/02/2023 On the 1st anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, said that he considers the heroic war of the Ukrainian nation against the Russian aggressor, as a war not only for the sovereignty and freedom of his country, but as a war of shield and … Read more