Perth Airport power outage causes chaos for thousands of travellers: Qantas Jetstar Virgin

Power outage at a major Australian airport causes chaos for thousands of travellers – in horrific week for flying Down Under Major power outage caused by wild weather has sparked chaos at Perth Airport Airport confirmed it affects terminal lights, info boards, check-in and flights Photos and footage shows the airport plunged into darkness due … Read more

Kmart shopper uses $12 ‘game-changing’ boxes to tidy up her space

How to transform your linen cupboard in MINUTES: Shopper uses $12 ‘game-changing’ boxes to tidy up her space – with fabulous results Mum shares how she created organised linen cupboard using a Kmart product Alinta uses $12 Linen Look Collapsible Boxes to create a neat linen cupboard The boxes are collapsible and feature clear windows to … Read more

Parenting expert says to stop saying be careful to your child when they’re taking risks

An Australian parenting guru has revealed why you shouldn’t be saying ‘be careful’ to your child when they’re doing something risky and what to say instead.  Nicole, from Perth, who is a baby, child and teen physiotherapist, advised her followers in a post to Instagram not to say ‘be careful’ to your child as it … Read more

Cleo Smith: The first words kidnapped Western Australian toddler said to her mum after being rescued

Cleo Smith‘s mother has revealed her daughter’s first words after she was reunited with her parents after her horrifying 18-day kidnapping nightmare – ‘Hi, mummy’. The four-year-old made global headlines late last year when Western Australian Police found her in a house at Carnarvon, 900km north of Perth, more than two weeks after she disappeared … Read more

Drone vision captures the remarkable moment a blue whale yawns during a swim near south Perth

Ever seen a blue whale yawn? See the mesmerising moment creature of the deep opens its jaws Drone vision has captured the rare moment a Blue Whale yawns in Perth waters The footage was filmed over Leeuwin-naturaliste national park waters in WA Videographer Blair from Sharky Aerials described it as an ‘incredible’ moment   By Miriah … Read more

Travellers dub Little Beach in Western Australia ‘paradise on earth’

A dreamy getaway: Aussies are calling this breathtaking bay with sparkling blue water and crystal white sand ‘paradise on earth’ A little-known bay in Western Australia had been dubbed ‘paradise on earth’ Little Beach at Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve offers divine coastal scenery  Coastline is best known for the brilliant shades of turquoise blue ocean … Read more

How to properly clean a toaster in minutes

This is how to properly clean your toaster in minutes – so have you been doing it wrong your whole life? Mum-of-two Carolina McCauley has shared how to properly clean a toaster The Perth mum shared a video with her 1.5million social media followers She demonstrated how to clean the appliance using common household items  By … Read more

Bizarre moment dozens queue in pouring rain for hours in ponchos outside a new Taco Bell in Perth  

A picture of dozens of hungry customers queuing outside a popular Taco Bell restaurant in the pouring rain has garnered attention online for an unfortunate reason.  The fast food outlet in Perth  has only been open for a week but has seen booming business so far, with lines of customers often streaming out the doors.  Dozens … Read more