PIERS MORGAN: What next for the corporate woke warriors at United Airlines – blind pilots? 

What’s the first thing you think of when you get on a plane? Safety, right? I mean, there are lots of other things you might think of as you take your seat – the leg room, the food menu, whether the WiFi works, how unspeakably annoying the stranger sitting next to you might turn out … Read more

RAF Typhoon pilots smash Isis mountain cave network in Iraq

RAF Typhoon pilots smash Isis mountain cave network in Iraq with deadly fusillade of Storm Shadow cruise missiles RAF Typhoon pilots used the Storm Shadow cruise missile for the first time  Previously the high-tech weapon system was used by the Tornado GR4 fleet  ISIS in Iraq and Syria were also blasted by Hellfire and Paveway … Read more

Horrifying moment two pilots are killed as plane crashes during gender reveal party in Cancun

Horrifying moment two pilots are killed when plane crashes during gender reveal party in Cancun watched by the expectant parents and terrified guests below The Cessna 206 had made a swooping turn over the party boat with a sign to reveal that the couple were having a baby girl  But after the aircraft moved through … Read more

How two PoW Luftwaffe pilots stole an RAF plane but ran out of fuel over Norfolk

When Allied prisoners who were subject of the classic film The Great Escape were captured by the Nazis in the Second World War, more than half of them were shot. But when two German airmen who were prisoners of war in Britain were caught while trying to escape the UK, they were given a hot … Read more

Jet2 pilots are asked to avoid booking time off this summer

Jet2 pilots are asked to avoid booking time off this summer in a sign travel firms expect Britons to be able to take foreign breaks after lockdown Jet2 cancelled holidays until April after Government introduced new restrictions   Request to 1,000 UK pilots signals vaccine rollout could save summer holidays The scheme is entirely voluntary but … Read more

Royal Navy pilots are seen practising take-offs and landings on aircraft carrier at start of WWII

A fascinating photo album that highlights the perilous nature of landing fighter planes on aircraft carriers at the start of the Second World War has been unearthed. The black and white snaps were taken in 1939 and show Royal Naval biplanes coming a cropper while practising take-offs and landings on HMS Courageous, a converted battlecruiser. … Read more

Mystery object flies 35,000ft over Pakistan in pilots’ ‘UFO’ video

‘UFO’ is filmed flying at 35,000ft over Pakistan by shocked airline pilots who say it was not a balloon or aircraft WARNING: FOOTAGE CONTAINS SWEARING  Pilots saw UFO while operating a flight between Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan  Object looks like a circular light and it flares and pulses above 35,000ft The Pakistan Airlines pilots said … Read more

Norwegian Air to axe 1,100 Gatwick-based pilots and cabin crew

Having grown rapidly to become Europe’s third-largest low-cost airline and one of the few to apply the budget model to transatlantic flights, Norwegian Air is fighting for its survival again after the Oslo government on Monday ruled out further support. Following are key dates in the company’s 27-year history. 2020 Aug. 28: Norwegian Air says … Read more

Peter Weber’s mother Barb ‘put a lot of pressure’ on the pilot’s relationship with Kelley Flanagan

Peter Weber said his relationship with girlfriend Kelley Flanagan ‘simply didn’t work out in the end,’ as he announced their split via Instagram last week. But a source close to the situation claims that the 29-year-old pilot’s notoriously ‘overbearing’ mother Barbara may have played a role in the couple’s untimely breakup. ‘Barb put a lot of pressure … Read more

New York restaurant pilots $50 coronavirus testing scheme

Covid swab as a starter: City Winery in New York charges diners $50 for a coronavirus test before allowing them into the restaurant Diners been pictured taking a coronavirus test before entering a NYC restaurant The pilot program was launched at the venue on Tuesday evening  City Winery will require guests to test negative for … Read more