Woman filmed throwing ‘cheating’ boyfriend’s TV and PlayStation out window after he was unfaithful

A scorned woman sought the ultimate revenge on her ‘cheating’ boyfriend by throwing his prized television and PlayStation 5 out of their third-story window after allegedly learning that he had unfaithful to her.     The unnamed woman, who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, was caught on camera hurling her partner’s possessions down onto the street by one … Read more

PETER HOSKIN: Why Nier is so dear to my heart 

NieR Replicant ver. 1.22474487139… (Playstation, Xbox, PC, £49.99) Rating: Verdict: Sad, in happy ways NieR:Automata (Playstation, Xbox, PC, £29.99) Rating: Verdict: NieR perfect Just what we need: a game in which a plague has ravaged the world, sent people spluttering to their homes, and set humankind back by several hundred years. Sorry, that sounded sarcastic, but … Read more

Nevada man, 51, is arrested in Dubai for smoking marijuana legally in America days before he arrived

Peter Clark, 51, was arrested in Dubai in February days after smoking marijuana legally in Las Vegas. Now, he is on a no-fly-list and cannot leave the UAE until prosecutors decide whether or not to charge him  A businessman who legally smoked marijuana at home in Las Vegas before flying to Dubai now finds himself … Read more

PETER HOSKIN: Reviews the ‘explosively charming’ Outriders

A server crash scuppered my space ranger: PETER HOSKIN reviews Outriders and Disco Elysium – The Final Cut By Peter Hoskin For The Daily Mail Published: 01:46 BST, 9 April 2021 | Updated: 02:34 BST, 9 April 2021 Outriders (PlayStation, Xbox, PC, £59.99) Verdict: Explosively charming Rating: A grenade lands at your feet. Without squandering … Read more

When the endgame is just the beginning: PETER HOSKIN reviews Marvel’s Avengers and Gnosia 

Marvel’s Avengers (PlayStation, Xbox, PC, £59.99) Verdict: For ever? Never! Rating: Let’s start at the end — because that, in a way, is where Marvel’s Avengers wants us to begin. This is what the marketeers call a ‘game as a service’. The idea is that you bash away at a controller, mastering the combos and … Read more

Sitting comfortably? Let battle royale commence! PETER HOSKIN reviews Apex Legends 

One is the loneliest number, sang Harry Nilsson. So I can only assume that he was never dropped on to an island with 99 other people, forced to find weapons, and then scrap until emerging as the lone survivor. When that happens, one really is the most triumphant number. This is the premise for battle royale … Read more

PETER HOSKIN reviews The Sinking City – Deluxe Edition and Persona 5 – Strikers 

Town where Lovecraft lurks round every corner: PETER HOSKIN reviews The Sinking City – Deluxe Edition and Persona 5 – Strikers By Peter Hoskin For The Daily Mail Published: 02:05 GMT, 26 February 2021 | Updated: 02:05 GMT, 26 February 2021 The Sinking City: Deluxe Edition (Playstation 5 – £53.99) Rating: Lovecraft? Then you’re going … Read more

Sony confirms a VR headset with a controller is in the works for its PlayStation 5

Sony confirms a VR headset with a controller is in the works for its PlayStation 5 that will give a ‘greater sense of presence’ when it launches next year Sony is designing a next-generation VR headset for its PlayStation 5 This will be the first update to the device since first releasing it in 2016  … Read more

Catholic school teacher banned after talking about her sexuality while playing FORTNITE with pupils 

A Catholic primary school teacher and former Girl Guide leader has been struck off after having secret conversations about her sexuality while playing Fortnite with two pupils. Charlotte Weeks, 27, discussed her sexuality and the sexuality of another teacher, with the male and female pupil while playing Fortnite on her PlayStation from her flat in … Read more

PETER HOSKIN reviews Little Nightmares 2 and Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury

Little Nightmares 2 (PlayStation, Xbox, SwitchPC, £24.99)  Verdict: Big scares Rating: Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury (Switch, £49.99) Verdict: A masterpiece, again  Rating: For those who haven’t played the first Little Nightmares game, a warning about it and its new sequel.  With their diminutive heroes, their animated style, even that name, you might assume … Read more