Celibashi: Presence of unauthorized persons in the VC, intimidation of voters. Police to act

13:55 14/05/2023 The Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Ilirjan Celibashi, has raised the concern of unauthorized persons inside some voting centers in the country. In a statement to the media, he says that the presence of these people is considered by the CEC as intimidation of voters and has asked the police to take … Read more

List of PS with police officers, doctors, farmers and teachers

18:06 28/03/2023 Contesting candidates without engagement in politics The Socialists did not show much courage in the contesting list of May 14. In the few cities where they brought innovation, the names are not prominent in the political arena. The responsibility for cleaning up the image in Bulqiza after the sensational departure of Lefter Alla … Read more

Bylykbashi before the Police Station: All detained citizens will be released

16:16 11/02/2023 Deputies of the Democratic Party have gone to Police Stations 1 and 2 in Tirana to support those detained by the police. In a statement to the media, MP Oerd Bylykbashi said that all the detained protesters will be released because they were not doing anything illegal. “I am sure that all those … Read more

The opposition protest ends, Berisha calls on the police: Release the protesters immediately

14:58 11/02/2023 At the end of this Saturday’s protest, the leader of the PD Sali Berisha called on the police to immediately release the protesters. It is not yet known if there have been arrests after the throwing of flares on the steps of the Prime Minister’s Office, however, more information is expected to be … Read more

DP: The People’s Advocate blames the police for the death of Lear Kurti

14:13 19/01/2023 Garo: Ardi Vleiu and Bledi Çuçi manipulated the evidence to hide the truth of the 32-year-old’s death The Democratic Party says that through a report, the Ombudsman blames the State Police for not reacting in time for the death of 32-year-old Lear Kurt a few months ago. The DP spokesperson, Floriana Garo, said … Read more

DP against the draft law on municipal police

15:27 13/12/2022 Salianji: Policemen will be used as patronage agents for local elections The Democrats opposed the draft law on the municipal police in the Security Committee, as according to them, powers are imposed that cannot be afforded due to the lack of human and technical capacities. With the new changes in the law, the … Read more

Berisha: If the police are ordered to confront the opposition, they are doing the most wrong thing

12:40 04/12/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, had a statement for the media after the vote he cast for the primaries taking place in the blue headquarters. He was asked about the protest that will take place on December 6. The chief democrat said that the police do the most wrong thing … Read more

Police rejected DP’s request, Berisha: Protest on December 6, 12:00

12:30 26/11/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, calls the decision of the Tirana Police that rejected the opposition’s protest on December 6, the day when the EU summit takes place, unacceptable. According to Berisha, the police showed last night that they do not know the Constitution nor the laws of the country. … Read more

Police measures for the opposition protest, the roads that will be blocked

20:03 11/11/2022 Within the framework of the rally that will take place on 12.11.2022, at 16:00, on the boulevard “Dëshmorët e Kombit”, in Tirana, the State Police, in order to guarantee order and security, before, during and after the end of gathering, in implementation of the tasks defined in the plan of measures, drawn up … Read more

Sali Berisha message to the State Police: Do not revolt the protesters

12:59 11/11/2022 Sali Berisha stated in a conference with the media that the opposition people will use all methods of civil disobedience and will announce their motto tomorrow at the protest. He says he can never agree with the disintegration of the Albanian nation from the confiscation of the freedoms of the Albanians by a … Read more