Rama in Moldova and Slovakia for the European Political Community

14:36 ​​26/05/2023 Albanian Prime Minister for the European Political Community The Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama is expected to start next week a diplomatic tour in support of concretizing the idea for the European Political Community. First, on Tuesday and Wednesday in the Slovak capital, Bratislava, and then in the Moldovan one, Chisinau, together with … Read more

Basha: May 14, the date of the final expiration of the political system in Albania

17:32 24/05/2023 Lulzim Basha returned to a public meeting after more than 1 year after resigning from the position of the chairman of the Democratic Party. He was with the young people this Wednesday where he stopped to talk about Albanian politics. He emphasized that politics has shown that it recycles the old. According to … Read more

Veliaj meets the new members of the Municipal Council: We also cooperate with other political forces

14:15 19/05/2023 After the victory in the May 14 elections, the Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj held a meeting with the new members of the Municipal Council elected by the Socialist Party for the next 4 years. According to Veliaj, the election result showed that every vote for the socialists was important. “We implemented the … Read more

The arrest of Fredi Beleri, Rama reacts: Do not rush to political conclusions, let’s wait for the evidence of justice

10:45 12/05/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted after the escort by the police of Fredi Beleri, the candidate of the opposition coalition “Bashkë Fitomje” in Himare. In a reaction on social networks, Rama writes that the political battle against Beler has nothing to do with the prosecution’s investigations against him. The Prime Minister appeals … Read more

The CEC orders the removal of posters of political parties

21:38 03/05/2023 Celibashi: Removed by the police, they do not contain the required note All posters of political parties that do not contain the note “Produced under the legal responsibility of x party” will have to be removed from the streets of 61 municipalities in the country. The decision was taken by the chief commissioner … Read more

PD: Rama insults political opponents with banal vocabulary

11:18 28/04/2023 Karabina: The placement of posters that are against ethics should also be banned The Democratic Party declares that Prime Minister Edi Rama is inciting hatred with the language he uses during electoral meetings. The communications director of the campaign for Tirana, Mirela Karabina, says that Rama is using banal vocabulary to insult political … Read more

CEC, 97 million Lek for political parties

16:21 22/04/2023 “If they don’t do transparency, they lose funding for 5 years” The Central Election Commission has decided to distribute 97 million Lek to 9 electoral subjects that received more than 1 percent of the votes in the 2015 local elections. Of these, the largest part of the amount benefits the Socialist Party which … Read more

Bejko: 70% of Albanians reject the corrupt political class

20:18 20/04/2023 Bejko: Let’s punish Veliaj, Berisha and Meta with a vote Convinced of the May 14 victory, Roland Bejko, during a meeting he held with the candidates for the Municipal Council, said that the polls speak in favor of the victory of the Democratic Party, headed by Enkelejd Alibeaj. “Because, according to all surveys, … Read more

Financing of political parties, Celibashi: Through the system, the CEC will do everything for transparency

10:06 19/04/2023 The head of the Central Election Commission, Ilirjan Celibashi, spoke today in a press conference about the system that will monitor and collect data on the financing of political parties. Celibashi emphasized that this system enables the verification of every political subject during the election campaign so that there are no abuses of … Read more

Alibeaj at the opening of the campaign in Tirana: A moment of celebration in a difficult moment for us, PD under political aggression

18:38 18/04/2023 Enkelejd Alibeaj’s Democratic Party has opened its political campaign in Tirana within the framework of the May 14 elections. During his speech, Alibeaj stated that this is a moment of celebration, but at a difficult moment for the DP. Alibeaj has stated that the Democratic Party is under aggression as he has thrown … Read more