Berisha: Confrontation to expel this rot from the Albanian political scene

19:36 30/01/2023 Chief Democrat Sali Berisha was in Vora this Monday, where he participated in a ceremony to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the establishment of the Democratic Party branch there. He said that the mission of the democrats is vital and only the confrontation can “drive this rot from the stage of Albanian politics”. … Read more

The National Council of the Democratic Party meets, Berisha: This year is the most unprecedented in the history of a political force

17:48 20/12/2022 The National Council of the Democratic Party met this afternoon. The President of the DP Sali Berisha declared from the blue headquarters that this year has been difficult, calling it the most unfavorable in the history of a political force. Berisha: This was a difficult year for DP, I would call it an … Read more

Peleshi message from Shkodra: Let’s leave the political differences, come together to face the situation

14:48 21/11/2022 “Let’s leave the political differences and come together to face the situation. We are far from the 2010 scenario. That scenario has not been repeated since 2010. Spahia and all other mayors are invited to join, there is no political connection today”. this was the message that Defense Minister Niko Peleshi gave from … Read more

Main political events – Tv Klan

21:56 05/11/2022 Agreements are signed in Berlin At the proposal of the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Albania has assumed the presidency of the Berlin Process at the next summit to be held in Tirana on December 6. Prime Minister Edi Rama participated in the Summit that was held in the German capital in which 6 … Read more

Shehaj: Blocking my business, political attack because I denounced Rama’s scandals

23:06 27/10/2022 The deputy of the Democratic Party, Agron Shehaj, was invited this Thursday to the show “Opinion”. He said that blocking his business is a political attack because he has denounced government scandals. “Blocking my business is not a problem of Albanians. The Albanians don’t care at all, they blocked me, they didn’t block … Read more

EU membership, Ambassador Hohmann: Albania should redouble its efforts, we expect strong political leadership

11:38 24/10/2022 The ambassador of the European Union delegation in Tirana, Christiane Hohmann, says that Albania must redouble its efforts to integrate into the EU, now that the negotiations have opened. In a meeting at the Integration Council, where the launch of the 7th edition of the European Integration School was presented in our country, … Read more

Rama: Not every political conflict in the Constitutional Court. Kim: The time when judges were bought and threatened is over

12:32 20/10/2022 The 30th anniversary of the Constitutional Court was an opportunity, according to Prime Minister Edi Rama, to take stock of the confrontations with which this body has faced and which, according to him, has a shadow light. “With stamps of controversial decisions, with glimmers to glory and with unjustifiable stains”. But Rama says … Read more

Territorial reform, Balla: There is room for negotiations, it cannot be a political bargain

12:26 17/10/2022 Regarding the territorial reform, whether it will continue to be the same or it will change, Taulant Balla in a statement to the media says that there will be negotiations with the opposition, but according to his opinion, the map of the territorial reform should not change. “There is always room for negotiations, … Read more

Balla: The election of the People’s Advocate should not be a political issue

12:12 17/10/2022 In a statement to the media, Taulant Balla expressed his regret that the PD parliamentary group has not yet clarified a clear position of candidacy for the People’s Advocate. “It is a great regret that we have violated several constitutional deadlines and remember how the opposition shouted when there were delays in filling … Read more

Shkullak: The territorial division was political, there are municipalities that cannot pay the fines

13:44 11/10/2022 Armand Shkullaku was today in the news edition of Klan News, where he stated that the territorial division was political, which consisted more in the power of the SP than in the interests of the citizens. “The goal of this reform was not what was claimed, i.e. bringing the service closer to the … Read more