Events of the week in politics

19:20 29/10/2022 Even this week, the local elections of May 14 were in the focus of politics. The opposition signed the agreement for joint candidates while also announcing the national protest on November 12. While Prime Minister Rama, after his visit to Israel, received in a meeting in Tirana, the President of the European Commission, … Read more

Has the moment come for Rama to leave politics? The Prime Minister answers

23:03 22/09/2022 At the end of the interview in “Opinion”, journalist Blendi Fevziu asked Prime Minister Edi Rama regarding his statements given time and time again that “it does not depend on politics and there comes a moment when he must leave politics”, whether he this moment has come for him. Prime Minister Rama responded … Read more

Met Gala goes even MORE woke as event ‘will explore themes of American politics and identity’

The Met Gala is coming back. Actually, twice, and it is likely to be the wokest event in memory as the event’s fashion designers are set to explore themes including American politics and identity. The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced Monday that the annual high-wattage celebration of both fashion and celebrity – canceled last year … Read more

JOHN HUMPHRYS: With friends like these… why does ANYONE go into politics? 

Edwina Currie and I were walking from the green room into the studio for a live On The Record interview. I mentioned the name of the prime minister. She stopped dead, fixed me with her most scornful look, spat out ‘John Major is a c***’ and walked on. I can describe that brief exchange today … Read more

Student banned from SU for saying ‘Rule Britannia’ in debate is kicked out of politics society 

A student who was banned from Aberdeen University’s union for saying ‘Rule Britannia’ during a British army debate has now been kicked out of the politics society. Elizabeth Heverin, 19, was told she had used ‘discriminatory or racist language’ after quoting the historic anthem during an online student council meeting last month. Her comment prompted a … Read more

James Mathison disappears from the spotlight after swapping TV for politics and activism

He was a household name during the 2000s, known for his work as a Channel V presenter and co-host on Australian Idol with Osher ‘Andrew G’ Günsberg.  But these days James Mathison lives a much quieter, low key life away from the spotlight. Now aged 42, the TV presenter is based in Sydney and is … Read more

DANIEL HANNAN: Europe’s playing politics with lives. They banned our Covid jab and fought to keep it

This was the week that the EU utterly lost its head. To the incredulity of its health chiefs, and the horror of its friends overseas, it has dragged its vaccine policy to the level of the Kindergarten. On the one hand, we’ve seen member states ban the export of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine and threatening legal … Read more

Nigel Farage will wish you happy birthday after joining Cameo after stepping back from politics 

Nigel Farage is set to rake in up to £60,000 a year after signing up to flog personalised greetings videos – just days after he said he was quitting politics. For just £63.75 a pop, the leading Brexiteer will be wishing fans a happy birthday and congratulating newlyweds through the online message platform Cameo. It … Read more