Berisha: The primaries, the passport of the opening and fundamental change of the DP

17:44 23/11/2022 The Democratic Party gathered the Presidency this Wednesday. Its head, Sali Berisha, said that the primaries are now the passport to the opening and fundamental change of the Democratic Party. Along with the issue of the primaries, Berisha said that the opposition action as a whole will be discussed at the meeting today. … Read more

Vokshi presents the candidates for the PD primaries in 18 municipalities of the country (Names)

18:17 18/11/2022 The head of KOKOE, Albana Vokshi, gave a statement after the meeting of the leadership of the Democratic Party. Albana Vokshi has announced the names of the candidates for the other municipalities of the country who will run in the PD primaries. Albana Vokshi said that the presidency, after examining the candidacies, made … Read more

The Presidency of the DP approves the candidates of the primaries for 26 municipalities, the journalist: The strongest race in Tirana

20:11 15/11/2022 The presidency of the DP has approved the names of the candidates who will participate in the primaries for mayor in 26 municipalities of the country. In a direct link to the news edition on TV Klan, journalist Jolldiz Mitro has provided more details about this process that precedes the local elections of … Read more

DP: 7 candidates in the race for the primaries in Tirana

20:00 07/11/2022 Candidates for Durrës and Elbasan are waiting 7 candidates will compete from the Democratic Party in the primaries for the Municipality of Tirana. They are MP Belind Kelliçi, doctor Ilir Alimehmeti, Gert Bogdani, Julian Deda, Adriana Kalaja, Enklejda Fejzo and Fatmir Merkoçi. According to the head of the Electoral Commission in the Democratic … Read more

The primaries, the deadline for Tirana and Elbasan ends today

19:20 06/11/2022 The deadline for filing names in Durrës is postponed The deadline for submitting candidacies for the primaries for mayor candidate in Tirana and Elbasan ends today at 20:00. The Commission for the Organization and Control of Electoral Operations in the Democratic Party says that after 20.00, the branches of Tirana and Elbasan will … Read more

The primaries in DP end on December 4

13:33 02/11/2022 The Committee for the Organization of the Primaries meets December 4 is the date that the Democratic Party has set as the final date for the conclusion of primaries throughout the country. “Until today, it is December 4, when the primaries will end in all branches of the country”, said the Chairperson of … Read more

Berisha: The other party does not want primaries

23:50 01/11/2022 “November 12 will be a tsunami for Rama” Sali Berisha warned the other party led by Enkelejd Alibeaj, but also those who hope for the division of the democrats, that they cannot prevent the victory of the opposition. Responding to the interest of journalists regarding the reasons for the failure of the negotiations, … Read more

Berisha meeting with the heads of the Tirana branches: The basic issues of the DP, the protests and the primaries

20:05 19/10/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held a meeting with the heads of Tirana branches this evening. The speech of the chief democrat Berisha was held with open doors. During his speech, PD Chairman Berisha emphasized that there are 2 main issues of the Democratic Party: Primaries and protests. Sali Berisha: … Read more

DP opens the race for primaries in three municipalities

15:36 18/10/2022 Berisha: Strong protests, necessity The Democrats opened the primaries in three municipalities, that of Tirana, Durrës and Elbasan. From the Presidency meeting, Sali Berisha said that the process will be transparent, calling it vital for the return of the vote in the country. “It is a battle to establish the free will of … Read more