Couple are ‘stuck’ in £350,000 home that has a ‘leaking ceiling, crooked doors and peeling floors’ 

A couple have been left stuck in a new-build nightmare after splashing out their life savings on a first house that has a leaking ceiling, crooked doors, holes in the wall and peeling floors. Alex and Dorina Marcu, 33 and 30 respectively, saved for seven years to put down a £40,000 deposit on their new … Read more

Rama: Discussion with Greece to treat Vjosa’s bed as common property

11:36 15/03/2023 “The first 18 million dollars will be placed at the disposal of this park“ From Tepelena, the Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, has expressed his pride for the declaration of Vjosa as a National Park, as well as for the initiatives that he emphasizes that the government led by him has … Read more