Edi Paloka: Rama does not love the opposition, the latest scandal has proven this

18:30 31/01/2023 In a Skype connection for Klan News, DP deputy Edi Paloka spoke about the latest political developments in the country and what will be discussed today at the meeting of the Presidency of this party. Paloka said that the McGonigal case is a scandal that proves that Prime Minister Edi Rama does not … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon REFUSES to say if she’ll quit if she is proven to have broken ministerial rules

Under-fire Nicola Sturgeon yesterday repeatedly refused to say if she would quit if proven to have breached strict rules she signs off herself. The First Minister was asked three times whether she would stand down if she broke the Scottish ministerial code in relation to meetings with Alex Salmond about harassment complaints – but refused … Read more