Friends of North Shields man who ran illegal garden pub had his name tattooed on homeless man’s face

Jamie Blake, 38, was caught after police searched his North Shields home for drugs in February 2017 A flashy money launderer who erected an illegal back garden pub once gained notoriety when his name was tattooed on a homeless man’s face for a prank, it emerged tonight. Jamie Blake, 38, was last week ordered to … Read more

Woman who kissed Elvis and man who ran away with the circus share stories for loneliness campaign

Not many people can boast that they kissed the most famous rockstar in the world in front of their husband or say in all seriousness that they once fulfilled a boyish ambition of joining the circus.  But these are just some of the true and inspiring tales that are being shared by the elderly of … Read more

How two PoW Luftwaffe pilots stole an RAF plane but ran out of fuel over Norfolk

When Allied prisoners who were subject of the classic film The Great Escape were captured by the Nazis in the Second World War, more than half of them were shot. But when two German airmen who were prisoners of war in Britain were caught while trying to escape the UK, they were given a hot … Read more

Thief caught on CCTV footage flashing his bare backside after falling over as he ran from the scene

Ridiculous moment a thief’s pants fall down while fleeing a hotel after robbing patrons at knife point – baring his backside to CCTV cameras Thief suffers embarrassing blunder as he flashes his bare backside on CCTV Man and his accomplice robbed the Hilton Hotel in Adelaide on Monday night As the pair fled the scene, … Read more

Universal Studios is ‘evaluating’ the future of ‘If I Ran the Zoo’ in wake of controversy 

Donald Trump Jr. and Senator Ted Cruz joined a swarm of critics on Tuesday night to denounce the decision to ‘cancel’ six popular children books from author Dr. Seuss. Trump Jr. slammed it as ‘craziness’ that Dr. Seuss Enterprises – the publisher of the bestselling children’s books – announced Tuesday that it is taking the … Read more

I drove 3,000 miles to fetch a rescue dog…then it ran away! 

My beautiful lurcher, Wolfy, was diagnosed with congestive heart failure a few weeks into the first lockdown. Medication for life and we might get another two or three years, said the vet. Around me people were losing lives, livelihoods and basic freedoms. I was gutted, but knew I was lucky. We’d give Wolfy a good … Read more

Penny Wong reveals how she ran into a woman who claims she was raped by a now cabinet minister

Labor’s leader in the senate Penny Wong has revealed she personally knew the woman who alleged she was raped by a senior government minister, and referred her to support services. Senator Wong, along with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, received a letter about the alleged 1988 rape this week. The woman … Read more

Grandmother, 44, who ran off with the father of her daughter’s children says ‘these things happen’

A grandmother-of-six who ran off with the father of her daughter’s children has defended the new relationship. Georgina Aldridge, 44, said ‘these things happen’ after getting with Ryan Shelton, 29, and betraying Jess, 24, according to the Sun. Her brief comments came after father-of-two Ryan broke his silence yesterday to reveal: ‘I am in love with her and I … Read more

Father-of-two who ran off with his girlfriend’s MOTHER says he doesn’t care what people think

A father-of-two who ran off with his girlfriend’s mother just days after the daughter gave birth to his baby son broke his silence today to say ‘I am in love with her and I want the world to know’. Ryan Shelton, 29, betrayed his pregnant partner Jess Aldridge by beginning the affair with her mother … Read more

Drug smugglers who had to be rescued after their jet ski ran out of fuel are jailed

Two drug smugglers who tried to cross the North Sea from Holland on a jet ski with £200,000 of cocaine, before running out of fuel and having to be rescued by a helicopter, have been jailed for a total of 14 years. Steven Brogan, 36, and Anthony Reilly, 34, both of Skelmersdale in Lancashire, took the … Read more