Bardhi’s invitation for unified candidates on May 14, Berisha reacts

13:22 17/03/2023 Regarding the statement of the democratic deputy, Gazment Bardhi, yesterday evening in the “Opinion” show that the democrats should enter with a unified candidate in the May 14 elections, the chief democrat Berisha reacted today in the conference with journalists. The chairman of the Democratic Party, Berisha, stated that “those who think they … Read more

Alibeaj reacts after the KAS decision: We invite all democratic candidates to join the local elections

15:25 16/03/2023 After the KAS decided that the CEC should register the PD with the vice-president Enkelejd Alibeaj in the capacity of the commanding chairman of the party in the local elections of May 14, the latter reacted through a post on social networks. Alibeaj welcomes today’s decision of KAS, as he invites all democratic … Read more

Gjiknuri reacts after the meeting with Kim, reveals what they discussed

12:55 08/03/2023 The General Secretary of the Socialist Party, Damian Gjiknuri, reacted on social networks after the meeting with the American Ambassador Yuri Kim. He revealed that he talked with him about the May 14 elections, the current political situation and ODIHR’s recommendations. “I had the pleasure of hosting the ambassador of the United States … Read more

“Violence is intolerable”, Belinda Balluku reacts to the incident against Berisha

17:15 06/12/2022 Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku, in an interview for Klan News, also addressed the opposition protest that took place simultaneously with the EU leaders’ summit in Tirana. Balluku said that due to his engagement with the summit, he had not been able to attend the protest, but had heard about the incident against … Read more

Berisha reacts to the tensions in Kosovo: Vucic, serious danger for the region

11:25 06/11/2022 The Democratic Party has reacted through a press statement regarding the tensions in Kosovo, where the Serbian List has left the institutions, while Serbia has put the army on alert. Through a press statement, the head of this political force, Sali Berisha, fully supports and welcomes NATO’s position, as well as strongly condemns … Read more

Sunak reacts to Rama’s comments

19:58 03/11/2022 “Thanks to Albania for the work it does with us” The office of the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has reacted to the statements of Prime Minister Edi Rama that Great Britain should not discriminate against Albanians, but work to strengthen the borders against illegal immigration. As Reuters reports, Prime Minister Sunak’s spokeswoman … Read more

Great Britain reacts after Rama’s comments

16:13 03/11/2022 Rishi Sunak’s spokeswoman: We thank Albania for its cooperation in the fight against traffickers After Prime Minister Edi Rama’s statements that Great Britain should not discriminate against Albanians, but work to strengthen its borders against illegal immigration, the British Prime Minister’s office, Rishi Sunak, reacted. A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said … Read more

Rama reacts again: Proud of you Armando Broja! Shame on anyone who targets the Albanian community in Britain

09:14 03/11/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama reacts again in defense of Albanians in Britain. This time he chose to post on Twitter this video from a few days ago of football player Armando Broja, where he declared that he was proud to be Albanian. “Proud of you Armando Broja and proud of every Albanian who … Read more