Study finds Vitamin D reduces Covid deaths by 60%

Vitamin D reduces Covid-19 deaths by 60 per cent, a study has found, as MP David Davis today called for the therapy to be rolled out in hospitals immediately to ‘save many thousands of lives.’ The study evaluated the effectiveness of calcifediol – a Vitamin D3 – on more than 550 people admitted to the … Read more

Injected arthritis drug reduces risk of death from Covid-19 by 4%, study finds

The NHS will start using an arthritis drug to treat hospitalised Covid patients after a breakthrough study found it cuts the risk of dying.  Tocilizumab can reduce swelling inside the organs and, when combined with steroid dexamethasone slashes the odds of death by a third.  Oxford University scientists behind the RECOVERY trial found the drug … Read more

Treating bladder cancer with short, intense radiotherapy reduces risk of disease returning

People with bladder cancer should be given a shorter, more intense course of radiotherapy, say researchers, as it lowers the risk of the disease returning by 29 per cent. Researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research and the University of Manchester analysed data from two previous clinical trials on radiotherapy treatments. They found that giving … Read more

Contraceptive gel boosts libido, prevents pregnancy and reduces STD transmission

A new ‘trifunctional’ contraceptive gel boosts libido, prevents pregnancy and reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), its creators say. Researchers from North Carolina State University in the US created the gel, which contains spermicidal, anti-viral and libido-enhancing agents.  When tested in a rat model, the gel both enhanced male libido and prevented pregnancy … Read more

Rod Stewart reduces alcohol intake and takes up boxing following intense knee and ankle operation

Rod Stewart has cut back on his alcohol consumption and taken up boxing after embarking on a lifestyle overhaul following a recent knee and ankle procedure.  The music legend, 76, recently endured a £8,000 ankle fusion surgery and a full knee replacement after years of playing football took a toll on his body.  He said he … Read more

No firm evidence that closing schools reduces the spread of coronavirus, say British scientists

No firm evidence that closing schools reduces the spread of coronavirus, say leading British scientists Prime Minister made a U-turn just 24 hours after he insisted schools were safe  Government is set to review the closures in mid-February, ahead of the half-term The review of studies was carried out by respected doctors and academics By … Read more

High rates of COVID-19 in a community reduces survival rates among hospitalized patients

The spread of COVID-19 in a hospital’s surrounding community can affect the survival rates of patients, a new study suggests. Researchers found that, overall, coronavirus mortality rates declined during the first six months of the pandemic. However, hospitals in counties where infection rates increased during the late spring and early summer had a higher percentage of … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Grant Shapps reduces quarantine to FIVE DAYS

Quarantine for UK arrivals could be scrapped altogether early in the New Year, Grant Shapps said today – as he announced that the self-isolation period will be slashed to five days next month.  From December 15 travellers will be able to pay around £120 for a private Covid test in order to reduce their time … Read more

Movement of people from big cities for the countryside during a pandemic REDUCES cases

The coronavirus lockdown saw many city dwellers flee their concrete metropolises for the countryside, whether to go and stay in holiday homes, visit family, or for ‘staycations’ in smaller towns and villages.  This mass exodus left major cities like London and New York eerily deserted, while simultaneously infuriating the locals in more rural parts of … Read more

INIKA Organic: The miracle all-natural skincare line that reduces wrinkles

REVEALED: The ‘miracle’ all-natural skincare that reduces wrinkles, pore-size, sagging and redness in 28 DAYS – and there are photos to prove it INIKA Organic is an all-natural organic makeup brand that was launched in 2006  The celebrity beloved company has now launched a natural skincare range   The products are packed full of botanicals that … Read more