Election registration/ The Alibeaj Group announces Celibash: Basha has resigned, the documents are complete

09:50 11/03/2023 Through an official letter, the representative of Enkelejd Alibeajt’s group, Indrit Sefa, informs the CEC that Lulzim Basha has resigned from the position of the chairman of the Democratic Party, referring to the public statement he gave on March 21, 2022 publicly before the Presidency of the Democratic Party -‘s. The letter is … Read more

SP sends to the CEC the request for registration in the May 14 elections

10:22 04/03/2023 The Socialist Party of Albania officially wants to register in the May 14 local elections. Sources from the Central Election Commission confirm that this institution has received an official request signed by the Secretary for Legal and Electoral Affairs in the SP, Eridian Salianji, requesting the registration of this entity. In the following … Read more

DP risks registration in the elections, Berisha: The court recognizes the December 11 Assembly

12:53 03/02/2023 Two days ago, the head of CEC Ilirjan Celibashi declared that DP, due to the internal situation, risks registration in the local elections. To this statement, the leader of PD Sali Berisha responds by saying that the court has recognized the National Assembly of December 11, 2021 by decision. In the weekly conversation … Read more

SAM and DAN most popular personalised registration searches

DVLA says ‘SAM’ and ‘DAN’ are the most in-demand personalised registrations as Britons buy a private plate every minute in 2020 despite a massive decline in new car sales Nearly 370,000 personalised registrations have been purchased this year BEN, TOM and AMY join SAM and DAN in the top five most common searches Appetite for … Read more

Kerry Washington teases Scandal movie to remind fans about National Voter Registration Day

Kerry Washington teases Scandal movie… but it is all part of celebrity effort to remind fans about National Voter Registration Day By Justin Enriquez For Dailymail.com Published: 18:30 BST, 22 September 2020 | Updated: 18:43 BST, 22 September 2020 Kerry Washington has teased Scandal diehards in an effort to spread awareness for National Voter Registration … Read more

New 70 registration mark for arrives and debuts EV green number plates

September is a big month for car buyers. Not only does it see the emergence of some of the best deals of the year as dealers capitalise on interest in new motors, it also welcomes in the latest registration plate. And this year, it not only marks the debut of the 70 plate but also … Read more