The CEC orders the removal of posters of political parties

21:38 03/05/2023 Celibashi: Removed by the police, they do not contain the required note All posters of political parties that do not contain the note “Produced under the legal responsibility of x party” will have to be removed from the streets of 61 municipalities in the country. The decision was taken by the chief commissioner … Read more

Southwest Airlines passengers applaud removal of woman ‘who refused to wear a mask’

Passengers on Southwest Airlines flight erupt in applause after a woman who ‘refused to wear a mask’ was removed from the plane – but not before flipping them the bird Passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight were seen applauding the removal of a woman who allegedly refused to wear a mask The woman is seen … Read more

Lawyer fighting for the removal of a London cycleway blasts ‘failure’ to protect the elderly

A lawyer fighting for the removal of a controversial cycleway in central London has claimed the elderly and those with disabilities are at risk from the scheme. Andrew Swaffer, a lawyer acting for residents against Cycleway 9 along Chiswick High Road, told MailOnline he saw an elderly man almost get hit by a cyclist when … Read more

Mission to demonstrate space debris removal set for launch

The world’s first satellite that uses magnets to gather up space junk will launch into space this weekend.  The craft, called ELSA-d and made by Japanese firm Astroscale, will blast off from Kazakhstan aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket at 6.07am GMT on Saturday (March 20). The 200kg craft consists of two components that will perform a series of … Read more

Ultimate stain removal hack: Mum shares her trick for banishing stubborn marks from soft furnishings

A mum-of-two has revealed her ‘ultimate stain removal hack’ for getting stubborn marks out of your soft furnishings, and the method will only take you five minutes. Carolina McCauley, from Perth, said she knows all too well how easily pieces of furniture like your sofas can easily get covered in stains with young children, and … Read more

The removal van should be called to Bute House, Scottish Tory leader DOUGLAS ROSS writes

The removal van should be called to Bute House now that Sturgeon’s political career and reputation are no longer intact, Scottish Tory leader DOUGLAS ROSS writes By Douglas Ross For The Scottish Daily Mail Published: 00:22 GMT, 3 March 2021 | Updated: 00:22 GMT, 3 March 2021 Last night, a political bombshell landed. Shortly afterwards, … Read more

Expert warns against DIY waxers using homemade solution for home hair removal during lockdown 

With uncertainty over when salons will re-open many of us are desperate to recreate professional treatments at home – including DIY alternatives to waxing.  Sugaring is the latest beauty trend to sweep social media, a natural alternative to waxing which involves making your own hair removal mixture by boiling sugar, lemon juice and water.    The method … Read more

Lena Dunham supports the removal of scene where real cat corpses were used in new series Generation

Lena Dunham supports the removal of dissection scene where real cat corpses were used in upcoming HBO Max series Generation By Kevin Kayhart For Published: 05:37 GMT, 10 February 2021 | Updated: 05:37 GMT, 10 February 2021 The upcoming HBO Max dramedy series Genera+ion is expected to give a realistic look at high school life … Read more