High Representative of the EU, Borrell interview for Tv Klan

15:46 16/03/2023 During his stay in Tirana, the high representative of the European Commission, Joseph Borrell, had the opportunity to give an interview to TV Klan. Borreli guarantees that the screening process will be completed within a few weeks and he probably says that within this year Albania will negotiate the first chapters with the … Read more

Celibashi: By the 7th, the legitimacy for the DP representative must be determined

12:01 08/02/2023 Today, the CEC approved the members of the CEAZs for the SP, PL and PSD. Chief Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi in a statement to the media said that soon the names proposed by PD will be approved. According to him, it should be concluded by the 7th on the legitimacy of the person who … Read more

Piers Morgan tells PETA representative to ‘get a life’ after saying we shouldn’t use animal insults

Piers Morgan told a PETA spokesperson to ‘get a life’ after she claimed that using insults such as ‘pig’ and ‘chicken’ can negatively impact our treatment of animals.  The organisations UK’s senior media officer and spokesperson Jennifer White, from Edinburgh, appeared on Good Morning Britain today to debate whether using phrases like ‘sloth’ to describe a … Read more

Queen’s representative in Canada QUITS amid workplace bullying probe

The Queen’s representative in Canada has quit amid a workplace bullying probe – sparked by reports that she had ‘belittled’ and ‘publicly humiliated’ employees. Former astronaut Julie Payette, 57, who is Canada’s governor general, has announced she is stepping down from the largely ceremonial role. It comes after the office of Canadian Prime Minister Justin … Read more