Sister of killed Northern Ireland journalist Lyra McKee pleads with rioters to end violence

Lyra McKee was shot dead by the New IRA at a riot in the Creggan area of Londonderry in April 2019, called on the mobs to withdraw The sister of killed Northern Ireland journalist Lyra McKee called on rioters last night to end the violence in west Belfast before someone dies. Nichola McKee Corner spoke after water … Read more

Rioters attack police and hurl petrol bombs

Rioters attacked police and hurled patrol bombs on the streets of Northern Ireland as Boris Johnson condemned yet another night of violence.    A bus was hijacked and set alight after being pelted with petrol bombs at the junction of Lanark Way and Shankill Road in west Belfast, the PSNI said. It was one of a … Read more

Children as young as 12 join rioters pelting police with petrol bombs in Northern Ireland

Children as young as 12 were seen joining rioters pelting police with petrol bombs over anger at the decision not to prosecute Sinn Fein officials for attending an IRA terrorist’s funeral.  Attacks in the Londonderry and Belfast areas have been on the rise lately due to post-Brexit trading arrangements which are claimed to have created … Read more

Rioters pelt police with 30 petrol bombs and torch three hijacked cars in Northern Ireland

Police officers were attacked with petrol bombs last night as violence erupted once again in Northern Ireland during the fifth consecutive night of disorder. A total of 30 bombs were hurled at police in Newtownabbey, on the outskirts of Belfast on Saturday, and three cars were hijacked and set alight in what has since been termed … Read more

US Capitol rioters close to Mike Pence’s ‘nuclear football’ in video

Nuclear commanders had ‘no idea’ Mike Pence’s ‘football’ was so close to being taken by the mob until they saw dramatic security footage at Donald Trump’s trial Nuclear commanders had no idea how close Vice President Mike Pence ‘s nuclear ‘football’ got to being taken by the MAGA mob US Strategic Command became aware of … Read more

Dems start Trump’s impeachment trial with 15-minute violent video of MAGA rioters storming Capitol

TIMETABLE FOR THE TRUMP TRIAL Here is how the Trump impeachment will unfold:  Tuesday 1pm: Senate comes to order with president pro tempore Patrick Leahy (D-VT) presiding over four hours of presentation – two from each side – on whether the trial is constitutional Tuesday 5pm: Senate votes on whether it is constitutional to move … Read more

French blogger killed himself with drugs overdose day after $520,000 Capitol rioters donation

A French blogger killed himself in a luxury Paris hotel room on the day he bankrolled the far-right Capitol Hill rioters, MailOnline can reveal.  A source close to the Paris police confirmed that ‘no crime was committed’ in connection with the death of Bitcoin millionaire Laurent Bachelier, 35. Mr Bachelier rented a room at the … Read more

Antifa rioters smash windows at Oregon Democratic Party headquarters in Portland

Federal police deployed tear gas in an attempt to disperse protesters who threw rocks and eggs at the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement building in Portland, Oregon, late on Wednesday night, according to authorities. A crowd of up to 200 people gathered outside the building in the South Waterfront section of the city, where Federal Protective … Read more

PIERS MORGAN: How can the Capitol rioters be prosecuted if the man who inspired them goes free?

A year ago, I made a bold and, as it transpired, horrendously wrong prediction about the 2020 US Election. It wasn’t quite as bad as the Decca Recording Company turning down the Beatles in 1961 because ‘we don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out’, but it wasn’t far off. Last … Read more