Scientist angers Twitter and is accused of sexism and racism after saying roundworms are useless

Wormageddon! Scientist provokes ire of Twitter users and is accused of sexism, racism and privilege after saying roundworms are ‘overhyped’ On July 18 @JustTheZooOfUs tweeted: ‘What is the most overhyped animal?’  Michael Eisen, editor of science journal eLife, replied that it was the roundworm Social media exploded with defense of roundworm and threats to boycott … Read more

‘Anti-ageing’ enzyme ‘tweaked’ by scientists made roundworms live longer

‘Anti-ageing’ enzyme ‘tweaked’ by scientists made roundworms live longer – and it could work in humans too Researchers found a way to ‘tweak’ proteins that control cellular energy levels  VRK-1 and AMPK work in tandem to manage and monitor a creatures energy They were able to turn up and down levels in roundworm and increase … Read more