Berisha: Basha, Rama’s hostage not only for Russian lobbying

15:34 31/03/2023 “Alibeaj hid the criminal brother” He accused Lulzim Basha and Enkelejd Alibeaj of being hostages in the crime with the prime minister. He targeted his predecessor at the head of the Democratic Party not only for Russian lobbying, while Alibejn for hiding his criminal brother. “Don’t think that Lulzim Basha is only accused … Read more

Rama: Justice should investigate Kryemadhi’s Russian money

13:14 31/03/2023 “To prove that you don’t work with double standards” After the publication of the news by “Eureporter” and the Albanian media, other facts have emerged about bank payments that Monika Kryemadhi, the wife of former President Meta, currently a member of PL, has received in the form of dividends from an offshore company … Read more

The report on Russian funding/ Berisha: It clarifies that out of 700,000 Euros, not a single penny has entered the coffers of the DP

12:54 17/03/2023 In the weekly conference with journalists, the chief democrat Berisha stated that Lulzim Basha and Enkelejd Alibeaj have no connection with the PD as, according to him, they are hostages of Edi Rama. During his speech, the chairman of the Democratic Party Berisha stated that the report on the financing of the Democratic … Read more

1 year since the Russian aggression, Berisha: PD strongly supports the resistance of the Ukrainian people

12:24 24/02/2023 On the 1st anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine, the head of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, said that he considers the heroic war of the Ukrainian nation against the Russian aggressor, as a war not only for the sovereignty and freedom of his country, but as a war of shield and … Read more

Berisha: Edi Rama is an influential Russian agent

13:14 03/02/2023 Former Prime Minister and DP leader Sali Berisha considers Prime Minister Edi Rama an influential agent of Russia. The head of the blue headquarters made this statement during the weekly conversation with journalists. Berisha says that he has this conviction by analyzing the positions and political statements of Prime Minister Edi Rama. “What … Read more

Berisha: Rama discussions with McGonigal about Russian investments

12:47 24/01/2023 DP Chairman: Edi Rama handed the former FBI official 225,000 dollars in one hand The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, spoke today in a press statement about the arrest of former senior FBI official Charles McGonigal. Berisha said that McGonigal has close ties with the Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama. … Read more

Suspected Russian missiles in Poland/Rama: Albania is worried, you have our full support

22:13 15/11/2022 The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, reacted to the reports about the explosions of suspected Russian missiles in Poland, which left 2 people dead. Through a post on Twitter, Prime Minister Rama has said that Albania is seriously concerned about the news about the explosions in Poland. Rama emphasizes that Poland … Read more

Edi Rama: We have no time to lose with the protest, time will show the Russian connections of the opposition

21:53 10/11/2022 The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, spoke from the SP headquarters after the end of the presidency meeting. To the journalist’s question about the protest organized by the opposition on Saturday, he answered that they have no time to waste with the protest called by those who have received half a … Read more

Balla: SPAK to start the investigation on Russian financing in DP

11:45 07/11/2022 The chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, has called on SPAK to start investigations into Russian funding in the Democratic Party. In a statement to the media from the premises of the Assembly, Balla accused Sali Berisha of harming the national interests of both Albania and Kosovo. “While … Read more

Berisha shows the problem he has with Lulzim Basha: Make transparency about Russian funds

18:27 03/10/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, says that former chief democrat Lulzim Basha should clarify and make transparent about Russian funding. “The only problem I have with Basha is to make transparency with Russian funds. I have not communicated, but the audit commission will give him the right to explain this … Read more