Ministers unveil ’10 year vision’ to solve nation’s social care crisis

Ministers unveil ’10 year vision’ to solve the nation’s social care crisis but campaigners blast the plan as an ‘underpowered saloon car when a Formula One car is needed’ and ex-health secretary Jeremy Hunt says it ‘falls far short’ Ministers today unveiled their ’10 year vision’ for solving UK’s social care crisis  White paper sets … Read more

Medical union bosses claim they won ‘concessions’ over Sajid Javid plans in doctors row

‘We WON’T have face-to-face GP league tables’: Row erupts as medical union bosses claim they have won ‘significant concessions’ over plans to overhaul appointments… but health officials deny it GPs claimed they won ‘concessions’ over plans for face-to-face appointments But Department of Health officials deny claim and said it would press ahead to publish surgery-level … Read more