Berisha: Double salaries and pensions, cut taxes in half

20:35 24/03/2023 “I invite the residents of Kamza to knock on every door and every heart” The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, presented the candidate of the coalition “We Win Together” for the Kam√ęz Municipality, Arjan Hoxha, this afternoon. Chief Democrat Berisha said that from the Kamza rally, the Democrats inaugurate the opening … Read more

Berisha promises an increase in salaries and pensions

23:35 21/03/2023 The accusations against Basha and Alibeajn follow from Selenica Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha accused Lulzim Basha and Enkelejd Alibeaj of being in a criminal relationship with the head of the government, Edi Rama, after the recent developments in the Democratic Party. From Selenica, Berisha stated that Rama held Lulzim Basha hostage with … Read more

Prime Minister Rama: We are also looking at the average salary, a new scheme for all salaries

12:37 17/03/2023 After the increase of the minimum wage in the amount of another 400 thousand Lek that comes into force from April, Prime Minister Edi Rama has announced another scheme for wages. It is about the average salary and according to him, a new scheme is being studied for all salaries. “We are now … Read more

Peleshi: Starting today, salaries for the military will increase by 7%

13:03 01/03/2023 The Minister of Defense, Niko Peleshi, announced that from today the salaries for the military will increase by 7%. “On the proposal of the Prime Minister, today the Council of Ministers has approved a salary increase of 7% starting today, that is, a decision that comes into effect immediately from March 1. for … Read more

Berisha: Rama makes fun of Albanians, the lowest salaries in the region

00:01 28/02/2023 “The time of stability has ended. We use every means of civil disobedience” Sali Berisha described the statement made by Prime Minister Rama alongside his counterpart in Montenegro, Abazovic, regarding the construction of the Buna bridge as mockery. During a meeting that took place in the evening with activists of branches 1, 3 … Read more

Rama: We will continue to raise salaries for doctors and nurses

18:40 17/12/2022 Salaries for doctors and nurses will continue to rise. This is what Prime Minister Edi Rama declared during a reception organized with the employees of the health system. The head of the government said that from the day the socialists took power until now, salaries for this sector have increased by about 70%, … Read more

Teachers: The government has until Wednesday for salaries. Rama: Rublaxhins that do not serve Albania

12:42 01/11/2022 10 university lecturers announced that they will go on hunger strike. For the union, the government has until Wednesday to respond to their demands. “We are waiting until tomorrow for movement from the other side if there will be communication for talks. Until 16:00 we can expect the government to give some solution … Read more

Rama: Teachers’ salaries have increased more than others

17:23 21/10/2022 Commenting on the protest of lecturers who are demanding a salary increase, Prime Minister Edi Rama says that their salaries have increased more than others during this period. From Elbasan, in a meeting with the residents, the head of the government said that teachers have received a 15% increase, part from the government … Read more

Berisha: Doubling and tripling of salaries

19:35 28/09/2022 “The price of energy will return to what it was” The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, during the meeting with the representatives of the trade unions, promises that the salaries under the government of the Democrats will increase up to three times what they are currently. “Salaries could have been tripled … Read more