Some carnivores, such as bears, cats and civets change their hunting schedule to avoid each other

Some species of carnivores, like bears, wild cats and civets may actually avoid each other in an effort to conserve resources and survive, a new study suggests. A group of researchers, led by those at Japan‘s Hiroshima University, looked at nine species (a bear, three different civets, two wild cats, a skunk, a mustelid and … Read more

Start-up develops a $92,000 flying vehicle dubbed Jetson One that ‘anyone can own and fly’ 

The real life Jetsons! Start-up develops a $92,000 flying vehicle dubbed Jetson One that ‘anyone can own and fly’ The electric flying vehicle can operate for about 15 minutes on a single charge  It comes 50 per cent complete with the rest built at the new owners home The device, which sells for £66,000 ($92,000) … Read more

Mosaic floors from the 1,500-year-old lost ‘Church of the Apostles’ are discovered in Israel 

Archaeologists excavating a Byzantine-period structure in Biblical Bethsaida believe they have found new evidence proving the ancient ruins are of the long-lost Church of the Apostles. The team unearthed a stunning mosaic flooring made of tiny yellow, red and orange tiles that bear two inscriptions written in ancient Greek.  The flooring, dating back 1,500 years, … Read more

WOOD steak knife is 23 times harder and three times sharper than stainless-steel blades

A blade carefully crafted from wood is able to ‘cut through steak like butter’ and is three times sharper than a standard stainless-steel knife, its developers claim.  It is made using a new hardening process which makes wood 23 times stronger than usual – and are better for the environment, according to experts behind the … Read more

La Niña will bring up to 32 inches of snow to New York City and worsen California droughts

La Niña has returned to the Pacific Ocean, bringing along drier weather to southern California, which had hoped for a wet winter to combat drought, along with loads of precipitation in the northeast. This event is referred to a ‘double-dip La Niña’ because it formed a year after a previous system.  Bob Larson, expert senior … Read more