Loggerhead turtles are shrinking – but scientists claim it may suggest they are bouncing back

Loggerhead turtles in west Africa are SHRINKING – but it may be a good sign that the threatened species is bouncing back, scientists claim The average size of loggerhead turtles in Cape Verde, Africa is decreasing Australian scientists believe this is the result of a boom of first time mothers First time nesters tend to … Read more

The truth is (somewhere) out there: Aliens may exist… in a galaxy far, far away, says Brian Cox

The truth is (somewhere) out there: Aliens may exist… but only in a galaxy far, far away, says Brian Cox Professor Brian Cox says aliens could exist and may even be common But intelligent life and  civilisations like our own could be ‘extremely rare’ The TV scientist said he was ‘sure’ that there are civilisations out … Read more

Some Antarctic ice shelves have GROWN in the last 20 years despite global warming

Parts of Antarctica have actually gained ice during the last 20 years, new research reveals, despite the continent suffering significant loss due to global warming. Researchers say that sea ice, pushed against ice shelves by a change in regional wind patterns, may have helped to protect these ice shelves from losses. Ice shelves are floating … Read more

First ‘space tourists’ to visit ISS are heading home after bad weather delayed return journey

Three wealthy investors spent 18 days in space, including two weeks on the International Space Station. They are:  López-Alegría (left) will serve as the commander of the mission and Connor (right) as pilot Larry Connor, 72, was the Ax-1 mission pilot for the trip. Connor was born in 1950 in Albany, New York, and graduated from … Read more

Having a swell time! Kitesurfer tackles a 50ft wave in Portugal on an electric FLYING surfboard

A British surfer has been filmed tackling ‘vertical’ 50-foot waves in Portugal on board a ‘flying’ surfboard.  New footage shows Tom Court, a professional kitesurfer from the Isle of Wight, riding an efoil over the waves off the coast of the Portuguese town of Nazaré.  An efoil is a board with a hydrofoil and an electric … Read more

Gene-edited cats could stop owners sneezing by slashing protein that triggers allergy 

Now that is nothing to sneeze at and will leave you feline fine: Gene-modified cats could mean their owners’ allergies are not triggered Scientists could potentially create cats that do not cause people allergies Gene editing can target a protein which is believed to cause most allergies The ‘sticky’ protein which can be removed , Fel d … Read more

SpaceX astronauts name their spacecraft Freedom in tribute to first American in space Alan Shepard

SpaceX crew name their new Dragon capsule ‘Freedom’ in tribute to Alan Shepard – the first American in space – and his Freedom 7 capsule: Spacecraft will take astronauts to the ISS NASA will send the next crew to the International Space Station from April 19 With Jessica Watkins, Robert Hines, Kjell Lindgren and Samantha … Read more