And he’s off! Horse is airlifted by Swiss military chopper as part of a ‘scientific experiment’

A horse was airlifted by the Swiss Air Force as part of an unusual science experiment on Friday.  The heavy cargo was hoisted from the ground by a military helicopter as part of a test to work out whether injured animals can be evacuated and transported to vets quickly.   The Swiss military also carried out a … Read more

Government’s mass testing programme risks ‘wasting a huge amount of money’, scientific adviser says

England’s Covid testing blitz began today, with everyone in the country now able to get swabbed twice a week in the aim of getting life back to normal. Boots and local pharmacies are now offering tests that adults can go in and pick up for free, even if they don’t have any symptoms of the … Read more

Role of No10’s scientific panel SAGE ‘will be reviewed after the pandemic’

Britain’s top scientific advisory committee will be reviewed over fears it holds too much sway over ministers decisions, it was claimed today.  The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), which has guided No10 through the pandemic, has been accused of using dubious data and scare-mongering the Government into locking the country down or prolonging curbs. … Read more

Isaac Newton was a scientific genius who saved the nation’s economy – but he also ruined careers

BOOK OF THE WEEK LIFE AFTER GRAVITY: ISAAC NEWTON’S LONDON CAREER  by Patricia Fara (OUP £25, 288pp)  So who exactly was Sir Isaac Newton? Legend has it that he invented the catflap, although this is much argued over by historians. In his year as an MP, he spoke only once in the House of Commons, … Read more

‘NO scientific argument’ for teachers to be prioritised for a Covid jab

There isn’t a strong scientific argument for teachers to be prioritised for a Covid jab, the UK’s chief vaccine adviser said today.   Professor Anthony Harnden, deputy chairman of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), said data had shown categorically that school staff are not at an increased risk of catching or falling ill with the … Read more

Britons may NEVER go to work with a cough again, top scientific adviser predicts

Britons may NEVER go to work with a cough again because Covid has made it ‘socially unacceptable’, top scientific adviser predicts Professor Dame Angela McLean told Science and Technology Select Committee She said it would be ‘powerful’ if going in sick became ‘socially unacceptable’ Boris Johnson is not expected to give a firm date for … Read more

Coronavirus: Government scientific advisers call for a debate on allowing a ‘big wave of infection’

No10’s scientific advisers claim there may need to be a debate on whether to allow coronavirus to rip through the country once the most vulnerable Britons have been vaccinated.  Boris Johnson will reveal his roadmap out of lockdown on February 22, which could allow aspects of life and the economy to resume by the summer. … Read more

Rishi Sunak ‘fears scientific advisors are ‘moving the goalposts’ on when lockdown can end

Rishi Sunak ‘fears scientific advisors are “moving the goalposts” on when lockdown can end but tells allies he hopes “fat lady sings” moment when restrictions are banished for good is close’ Chancellor is eager to ease restrictions as soon as possible to kickstart recovery  He is said to be anxious that nation’s top scientists are … Read more

As France abandons its bid to create a Covid jab, a country laments its scientific decline 

France, birthplace of the man who first discovered the principle of vaccination, last week abandoned its bid to create a coronavirus vaccine.  The Pasteur Institute – named for Louis Pasteur who invented vaccines against rabies and anthrax – halted its project with US drugs company Merck after disappointing clinical test results.  The announcement came as … Read more

Five leading scientific experts give their verdicts on how Britain could return to normality

As Britain is plunged into its third national lockdown, many are wondering whether the Covid nightmare will ever end.  Here, we ask some of the country’s foremost scientific experts to consult their crystal balls, and give you their views on how and when we might return to normality… PULL TOGETHER AND GET A JAB SO … Read more