“The sea with Greece”, President Begaj: I received a request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

13:22 11/05/2023 President Bajram Begaj says that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has sent him a request together with the explanatory report to grant authorization regarding the issue of the sea with Greece. Asked by journalists, President Begaj admitted that there is such a request and that he is considering this request. “We have an … Read more

Berisha for “Euractiv”: Turkey intervened for the sea agreement with Greece

09:29 21/12/2022 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, in an interview for Euractiv he also stopped at the sea agreement with Greece, for which he declared that Turkey intervened. The Chief Democrat considers both countries partners and friends, as he says that Greece has done a lot for Albania’s EU membership, and also … Read more

Rama welcomes the extension of the Black Sea grain agreement

14:56 17/11/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama has welcomed the extension of the agreement that allows grain exports from Ukraine through the Black Sea. “Albania welcomes the renewal of the Black Sea Cereals Initiative. This important food supply line remains vital to the world. I congratulate Turkey, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan & UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres … Read more

Price Philip dies: First Sea Lord pays tribute and highlights his role in Battle of Cape Matapan

The First Sea Lord has paid tribute to Royal Navy veteran Prince Philip, highlighting praise he received for his ‘bravery and enterprise’ during the Battle of Cape Matapan in the Second World War. The Duke of Edinburgh was a midshipman aboard HMS Valiant off the southern coast of Greece when he earned his honourable citation. A … Read more

Global sea levels could rise two feet as Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ melts FASTER than expected

Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ is melting FASTER than expected and could raise global sea levels by up to two feet, study warns Autonomous robot took measurements of the water beneath Thwaites glacier Thwaites is called the ‘doomsday glacier’ due to its impact on sea level rise  New data on the water currents underneath sheds light on … Read more

Nature: Intermittent warm passages let sea turtles cross cold waters on their 9,000 mile migrations

In what experts call their ‘lost years’, some loggerhead sea turtles spend up to two decades migrating from the Japanese beaches of their birth to Baja California. This 9,000-mile journey to distant foraging grounds, however, sees the temperature-sensitive creatures somehow traverse a frigid zone called the Eastern Pacific Barrier. Researchers from the US have finally … Read more

Rising sea levels are poisoning North Carolina woodlands causing ‘ghost forests’ near coasts

Rising sea levels are transforming the once lush woodlands along North Carolina‘s coast into grayish-colored, lifeless trunks known as ‘ghost forests.’ The leafless, limbless trees cover about 11 percent of the state’s Alligator National Wildlife Refuge that what was once thriving with healthy forests. The change is caused by massive amounts of seawater creeping inland … Read more

Baby sea stars EAT each other in unexpected case of underwater cannibalism, scientists reveal 

Baby sea stars eat their siblings in what is an unexpected case of underwater cannibalism, according to scientists who accidentally observed the behaviour.    Experts from William & Mary’s Department of Biology were trying to see how baby sea stars would react when a crab was introduced to their tank, but they started eating each other before … Read more

Crewman jumps off a badly listing cargo ship into the North Sea during helicopter rescue mission

Terrifying moment crewman jumps off a badly listing cargo ship and into the North Sea during helicopter rescue mission as sinking vessel is left adrift off Norway 366ft Eemslift Hendrika struggled to battle high waves and strong winds during storm 80 miles off Norway Crew made a distress call and eight were airlifted to safety by … Read more

Sea Cadet commander accused of abusing dozens of young teenagers once met with Prince Andrew

A Sea Cadet lieutenant commander accused of abusing 22 young teenagers spent years mixing with dignitaries and once met with Prince Andrew, it has been revealed. Peter Sherwin once rubbed shoulders with the Duke of York during a royal ceremony at cadet site TS Stirling in Birmingham in 2001. Sherwin was regarded as a ‘pillar of … Read more