Iron Age ‘seafood buffet’ that fed wedding or funeral guests is discovered in Scotland

Archaeologists in Scotland have dug up the remains of a rather impressive seafood feast that fed an entire Iron Age community. More than 18,000 snail shells were found in a pit at The Cairns, an ancient settlement in Orkney that was established between 400 AD and 500 AD. Scientists determined the shellfish, mostly limpets and … Read more

Human cost of EU’s spite: Trade war looms after Brussels’ ‘indefensible’ block on seafood

There’s a bitter north-easterly wind whipping the waves as Chris Ranger moors his ageing sailboat and steps off with a small net of oysters. ‘This time last year, I’d be selling 1,500 of these for Valentine’s Day,’ he says. ‘But Covid has closed the UK market and Brexit has ended EU exports. I’m down to a … Read more

Post-Brexit fish exports: The SEVEN baffling new forms that seafood firms must fill in

Scottish seafood companies must now complete up to seven documents just for a single lorry carrying one species to export to the European Union following Brexit, bosses warned today. The papers that must be filled in are an export health certificate, catch certificate, customs export declaration, endangered species permit, common health entry document, storage document … Read more

Scottish seafood trucks descend on Downing Street

Scottish fishermen who drove to London to protest against post-Brexit bureaucracy that has prevented them exporting to the European Union were today fined by police for making ‘unnecessary journeys’. The shellfish export truck drivers were stopped by officers during the demonstration and given fixed penalty notices because they were deemed in breach of rules surrounding … Read more

Scottish seafood firms are ‘days from collapse’

Scottish seafood firms are just ‘days from collapse’ unless emergency cash is paid out to compensate for the Brexit border chaos, industry leaders have warned – as one fishermen threaten to dump tons of rotting stock outside No10.  Desperate bosses said they face imminent closure as they urged Boris Johnson to deliver on his pledge to finally … Read more

Fishermen threaten to dump rotten seafood in Downing Street unless PM sorts Brexit export delays

Furious fishermen threaten to dump rotting seafood in Downing Street unless Boris Johnson sorts out delays to exports since Brexit UK seafood exporters have faced a ‘perfect storm’ of problems since January 1 IT problems, bureaucracy and confusion have all played a part in trade hold-ups Reports made about shellfish rotting in ports meaning they … Read more

Fear over plastic in seafood grows as tests show we could be eating thousands of fragments a year

Fear over health risks of plastic in seafood grows as new tests show we could be eating thousands of fragments a year… with scallops, mussels and oysters among most polluted Study reveals oysters, mussels and scallops are among the most polluted items  Mussels were found to contain an average of 0.7 tiny pieces of plastic … Read more

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell mask up as they head out for a seafood lunch in Santa Monica

They have one of the most enviable, longtime love stories in all of Hollywood.  And Goldie Hawn was seen with her partner Kurt Russell in Santa Monica, California on Thursday, as the pair headed out for a seafood lunch.  Goldie, who turns 75 on Saturday, layered up in a black and grey jacket over a … Read more

Queen’s second cousin Lady Tatiana Mountbatten dines on seafood and sips cocktails on Corfu trip

High flyer! Queen’s second cousin Lady Tatiana Mountbatten sips on cocktails at clifftop bars and dines out on seafood as she shares a glimpse into glamorous trip to Corfu Queen’s second cousin Lady Tatiana Mountbatten, 29, revealed trip to Corfu  Shared a series of Instagram snaps of her glamorous expedition to the country  Royal sipped … Read more

Plastic pollution in our oceans could spread fatal diseases into the food chain through seafood

Plastic pollution in our oceans could spread fatal diseases into the food chain through farmed seafoods such as mussels and oysters, scientists warn. Microplastics – plastic particles less than 5 millimetres in diameter – can come from larger plastic products that have broken down, textile fibres, cigarette filters or even beauty products.  Microplastics that enter … Read more