Balla: The debate motion requires a dedicated session, we welcome all MPs to be present

16:30 16/02/2023 The head of the parliamentary group of the SP, Taulant Balla, said in a statement to the media that the debate motion requested by the opposition requires a dedicated plenary session that could last about 24 hours. Balla said that on March 2, the Prime Minister will be present and all MPs are … Read more

Berisha: Protest in every session before the Assembly. We do not take power by force

19:57 12/02/2023 A day after the protest, Sali Berisha gathered the heads of Tirana branches to communicate the next step. The revolution of the opposition, which according to him started on Saturday, will continue until the fall of the government. One of the forms of expression of citizens’ revolt will be the protest in front … Read more

What was not seen in the plenary session, the deputies focused on the game

18:14 02/02/2023 A plenary session not just for McGonigal The McGonigal case was of concern to some MPs, but not all. One of them was Monika Kryemadhi, whose attention was taken by the developments on social networks, while her colleagues blocked the pulpit. Monika Kryemadhi The chaos in the session did not even bother Eduart … Read more

Alibeaj: Rama should have been in the plenary session to give clarifications on the “McGonigal” case

13:12 02/02/2023 Enkelejd Alibeaj has stated in a statement to the media that he was not present at the plenary session today after he made an official visit to the United Kingdom. From the premises outside the Parliament, Alibeaj stated that an interpellation was requested by the opposition MPs with Prime Minister Rama on the … Read more

The opposition blocks the floor, the session is interrupted for 5 minutes

10:38 24/11/2022 The leader of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, was not given the floor in the Parliament, so the chief democrat blocked the podium together with several DP deputies. Due to the blockage of the pulpit, the parliamentary session was interrupted for 5 minutes. The chief democrat has entered a direct link on social … Read more

The session is suspended, Berisha goes live on social networks: Turn off the microphone as much as you want, but this is the miracle of Facebook

11:18 17/11/2022 Today’s plenary session was suspended a few minutes after the leader of the DP, Sali Berisha, and the General Secretary, Flamur Noka, went to the floor of the Assembly. First, Noka requested that the opposition MPs have their time to speak. “Here you have published a list of discussants. Am I a deputy … Read more

Assembly, 2-day session for the 2023 budget

09:11 09/11/2022 The Assembly of Albania will meet this Wednesday to discuss the draft budget for 2023. “There are two main objectives… It is about mitigating the impact of the global crisis that actually affects Albania, but also about helping the most needy people in Albania, and keeping the price of electricity unchanged. Another objective … Read more