Petition launched to posthumously award Victoria Cross to black WWII hero who blew Nazi ship

A campaign has been launched to see a black South African Second World War hero who blew up a Nazi ship with a homemade bomb be awarded a Victoria Cross. British generals nominated Job Maseko for a VC but his South African commanders found the idea of a black man receiving such a prestigious medal … Read more

Crewman jumps off a badly listing cargo ship into the North Sea during helicopter rescue mission

Terrifying moment crewman jumps off a badly listing cargo ship and into the North Sea during helicopter rescue mission as sinking vessel is left adrift off Norway 366ft Eemslift Hendrika struggled to battle high waves and strong winds during storm 80 miles off Norway Crew made a distress call and eight were airlifted to safety by … Read more

Bangladeshi ferry disaster leaves 26 dead after colliding with a cargo ship 

A ferry disaster in Bangladesh has left at least 26 dead after it collided with a cargo ship on Sunday, with rescuers still pulling bodies out of the water.  The sunken ferry was extracted from the heavily polluted Shitalakshya River in the central district of Narayanganj on Monday as hundreds of onlookers and relatives of … Read more

Egypt’s first female ship captain blamed her for blocking Suez Canal in fake rumours

Egypt’s first female ship’s captain say ‘fake news’ reports blamed her for blocking the Suez Canal despite her being hundreds of miles away Marwa Elselehdar was first mate in command of the Aida IV in Alexandria Online rumours spread that she had caused the Ever Given to run aground  She was the youngest and first … Read more

Anything Suez can do… Now 260ft cargo ship blocks river Arun in Sussex day after Ever Given freed

Anything Suez can do… Now 260ft cargo ship blocks river Arun in Sussex after breaking loose from moorings a day after Ever Given was freed in Egypt A 260ft cargo ship, Elise, is wedged across Littlehampton Harbour, West Sussex, partially blocking waterway  The ship was sailed into the harbour to unload cargo at 1.15am this … Read more

Social media says Pharaoh’s curse is to blame Suez ship crisis and two other disasters in Egypt

A procession to move 22 royal mummies from one museum in Egypt to another has coincided with a number of strange incidents last week that some are blaming on Pharaoh’s curse. Officials are planning on transport the mummies from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat on … Read more

Huge cargo ship blocking the Suez canal could disrupt Ikea’s supply chain

IKEA’s supply chain could be disrupted due to the ongoing traffic jam in the Suez Canal as there is estimated to be billions worth of supplies from several major companies being blocked by the ongoing crisis. A satellite image taken above the Red Sea shows the hundreds of ships building up behind a cargo ship … Read more

Suez Canal: Satellite image reveals extent of traffic jam behind stuck ship

Satellite images taken above the Red Sea have revealed the extent of the traffic jam building up behind the cargo ship that has lodged itself in the Suez Canal.  Some 200 vessels are now backed up at either end of the narrow waterway, waiting for the stricken Ever Given – a container ship as long … Read more

Insurance industry on the hook over grounded Suez Canal cargo ship

Insurance industry on the hook for millions over grounded Suez Canal cargo ship By Mark Shapland For The Daily Mail Published: 21:50 GMT, 25 March 2021 | Updated: 22:33 GMT, 25 March 2021 The insurance industry faces a mammoth bill after a giant cargo ship continued to block the vital Suez Canal. The 1,312 ft … Read more

Israeli cargo ship hit by ‘Iranian’ missile in Arabian Sea

Israeli cargo ship is hit by ‘Iranian’ missile in the Arabian Sea Israeli-owned cargo ship was struck by a missile in the Arabian Sea on Thursday  Security officials in Israel said they believed Iran was behind the attack The ship was on its way from Tanzania to India and was able to continue onward Ship … Read more