Peleshi message from Shkodra: Let’s leave the political differences, come together to face the situation

14:48 21/11/2022 “Let’s leave the political differences and come together to face the situation. We are far from the 2010 scenario. That scenario has not been repeated since 2010. Spahia and all other mayors are invited to join, there is no political connection today”. this was the message that Defense Minister Niko Peleshi gave from … Read more

Spiropali: We call on the Municipality of Shkodra to make the emergency fund available through an unconditional grant

14:24 21/11/2022 From the District of Shkodra to Klan News, the Minister of State for Relations with the Parliament Elisa Spiropali has given the news that the road in Harku e Berdica has been opened. Elisa Spiropali: We were first in a staff meeting in the prefecture together with the minister of defense, the prefect … Read more

Berisha visits the flooded areas of Shkodra: Rama and Balluku did not want to stop the theft

12:50 21/11/2022 The chairman of PD Sali Berisha has headed towards the flooded areas in Shkodër. His first stop was in the village of Kuç, where he held a meeting with residents and made a statement to the media. Regarding the flood situation, the chief democrat Berisha said that “the floods came because Prime Minister … Read more