Manual voting/ Fevziu: It’s not normal, it shouldn’t have happened

14:51 14/05/2023 Regarding the problems for the biometric identification of voters, journalist Blendi Fevziu says that manual voting should not have happened as a result of these problems. In a direct link to Klan News, journalist Fevziu says that it would be scandalous for a part to vote manually and another part electronically. Anjola Hamzaj: … Read more

Prince Philip dead: The non-PC Duke often said what he shouldn’t (but the public loved him for it)

Upsetting the Chinese, Indians and men with goatee beards: The Duke who often said what he shouldn’t (but the public loved him for it) Prince Philip realised his own capacity for making gaffes, and even had a word for it, ‘Dontopedalogy’ The Duke of Edinburgh defined this as ‘the science of opening your mouth and … Read more

Why you shouldn’t approach your car if something is tied to the door handle

TikTok users are being warned about a tricky tactic used by kidnappers after a North Carolina woman spotted something suspicious in a parking lot.  A 20-year-old TikToker named Shannon recently turned around and left a shopping center’s parking lot after noticing two cars that had pieces of string wrapped around the door handles. Her TikTok … Read more

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Provocateur Piers shouldn’t be shackled 

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Provocateur Piers shouldn’t be shackled By Daily Mail Comment Published: 00:32 GMT, 11 March 2021 | Updated: 00:32 GMT, 11 March 2021 Piers Morgan is a professional provocateur. Upsetting people is what he does. While skewering the great and good, the brash TV host treads the fine line between strident opinion and … Read more

Kate Garraway tells ICU doctor ‘he shouldn’t feel guilty’ for keeping patients away from families

MARCH  2020 Kate revealed she and Prince Charles had got ‘relatively close’ at the Prince’s Trust Awards on March 11 – Charles was diagnosed with coronavirus in mid-March.   She said: ‘Around the 29/30 March, I came home came in and said [to Derek] ‘god you look ill.’ ‘He said he had a headache, numbness in his right hand, … Read more

Matty Johnson: Things you shouldn’t say to your wife when she’s in labour

The Bachelor star and father-of-two Matty Johnson reveals his list of things you shouldn’t say to your wife when she’s in labour – including asking her to ‘hurry up because the footy’s starting’ By Zoe Burrell For Daily Mail Australia Published: 00:00 GMT, 19 February 2021 | Updated: 00:12 GMT, 19 February 2021 Bachelor couple … Read more

Why Tom Brady’s insane plant-based diet shouldn’t be followed despite his seventh NFL Super Bowl win

NFL great Tom Brady keeps himself in peak condition with a strict diet that includes no white sugar, processed flour or dairy, but experts have warned against following some of his more extreme measures.  The buff 43-year-old certainly appeared in top physical form as he steered the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a 31-9 victory over … Read more

Boris Johnson pledges to help victims of cladding scandal and says leaseholders shouldn’t foot bill

Boris Johnson pledges to help victims of the cladding scandal and says leaseholders shouldn’t foot the bill for defects PM said Government ‘determined’ home owners would not have to pay the bills   Campaigners said ministers yet to follow up on commitments made in the past Over a million homeowners have been left unable to sell or … Read more

Piers Morgan tells PETA representative to ‘get a life’ after saying we shouldn’t use animal insults

Piers Morgan told a PETA spokesperson to ‘get a life’ after she claimed that using insults such as ‘pig’ and ‘chicken’ can negatively impact our treatment of animals.  The organisations UK’s senior media officer and spokesperson Jennifer White, from Edinburgh, appeared on Good Morning Britain today to debate whether using phrases like ‘sloth’ to describe a … Read more

Weight loss UK: Health minister says we shouldn’t talk about ‘obesity’. Tell that to these women! 

The voice in her head was always kind, conciliatory and persuasive: ‘You’ve had a hard day, you’ve played a lot of sport, you’ve earned a big meal,’ it said. Or: ‘You’ve have a good day, you’re hungry, this is your reward.’ It would follow up with a few compliments: ‘You’re not fat, you’re curvaceous. You’re … Read more