North Korea threatens US with nation’s ‘invincible physical power’

North Korea said on Saturday that the Biden administration had taken a wrong first step and revealed ‘deep-seated hostility’ by criticizing its self-defensive missile test. On Friday, North Korea said it had launched a new type of tactical short-range ballistic missile. President Joe Biden said the test violated UN Security Council resolutions but he remained … Read more

‘Covid shame’ is stopping people reporting symptoms or even properly social distancing

‘Covid shame’ is stopping people reporting symptoms or even properly social distancing, new report warns Researchers from the University of Kent and Leeds Beckett University Study found a link between feelings of shame and absence of cooperation Those who felt stigmatised were less likely to warn others they tested positive  By Emer Scully For Mailonline … Read more

North Korea ‘fires another missile’ after Biden ‘laughed off’ previous test as ‘business as usual’

North Korea has fired its first ballistic missiles in a year, Japan‘s Defense Ministry confirmed – a move likely to increase tensions after it fired its first cruise missiles at the weekend.  The two short-range ballistic missiles were launched from North Korea on Wednesday (Thursday, local time) – fired from Wonsan on North Korea’s eastern coast … Read more

North Korea set to carry out ballistic missile tests as show of strength to Joe Biden

North Korea is preparing to carry out its first missile test since President Joe Biden came to office as a show of strength to the US. The head of the US military’s Northern Command said flight testing for an improved design of an intercontinental ballistic missile will begin ‘in the near future’. The North Korean … Read more

China expands anal swab testing for Covid-19

China has expanded its use of anal swabs to screen for Covid-19 with anyone flying into Beijing now vulnerable to the tests despite growing protests from foreign governments.  A staffer at a Beijing epidemic control department told Chinese state media that all international arrivals in the capital could be ordered to take the tests by … Read more

The photo that proves blame games never work writes DR LIAM FOX

The pandemic – both the spread of the virus and the vaccination programme – demonstrates how we live in a world that is more interdependent and interconnected than at any time in human history. Just as the financial crisis in 2008-2009 spread from the United States to affect every part of the global economic system, … Read more

North Korean in diving gear swims to the South and crawls through drain pipe to defect 

North Korean in diving gear swims to the South and crawls through drain pipe to defect A man in his 20s swam for six hours in an attempt to defect from North Korea Diving gear and a metal helmet were discovered on beach in Goseong, Gangwon The man also crawled through a drainage pipe underneath … Read more

South Korea sports scandal: Twin sister volleyball players suspended over bullying allegations

Twin sister volleyball players, 24, are suspended from South Korea’s national team after it emerges they were bullies at school Lee Jae-yeong and Lee Da-yeong played for the nation’s biggest women’s team The twin volleyball stars were accused by a web user of being school bullies The online post alleged the athletes used physical violence … Read more

Coronavirus: Dog is swabbed for Covid-19 as South Korea begins testing pets that show symptoms

Can animals catch Covid-19? The chance of your dog catching Covid-19 strain is very slim, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).  Professor James Wood, head of veterinary medicine at the University of Cambridge, said: ‘Despite millions of people having had Covid-19, the numbers of pets found to be ill or infected is still tiny.  … Read more

North Korea bans ‘capitalist’ blacked out car windows

North Korea bans ‘capitalist’ blacked out car windows (which allowed citizens to watch foreign media without being seen) Kim Jong-un’s regime sees the tinted windows as a malign capitalist influence Young people are feared to be consuming South Korean music and films in cars Drivers are being fined and ordered to replace their windows if … Read more