Debate between Spaho and Balluk: You have neither the ethics nor the courage to mention my family

21:18 24/11/2022 The marathon plenary session of the parliament is still going on. Recently, there was a debate with the deputy of the DP, Edmond Spaho and the deputy prime minister Balluku. The reason is the mention of the Balluku family. Edmond Spaho: Now one last clarification for Mrs. Belinda Balluku, the deputy prime minister. … Read more

Edmond Spaho: I am not represented by Enkelejd Alibeaj, it is Edi Rama’s crutch

11:51 17/11/2022 During the parliamentary session, Edmond Spaho asked Ermonela Felaj for his right to speak for 10 minutes, as per the regulations. Spaho also stated during the speech that he is not represented by Alibeaj, as he is Edi Rama’s crutch. Ermonela Felaj: Mr. Spaho can you please have respect for all colleagues? You … Read more