The EU Ambassador meets Altin Dumani: We support an independent and effective SPAK

19:41 24/01/2023 The ambassador of the EU delegation in Tirana, Christiane Hohmann, met today with the head of SPAK, Altin Dumani. The meeting was officially announced by the office of the EU delegation. “Good conversation with the new Chief Prosecutor of SPAK, Mr. Altin Dumani. The EU fully supports an independent and effective SPAK. The … Read more

Minister of Justice: The January 21 file should have been sent to SPAK on the first day of the creation of this structure

16:40 21/01/2023 The Minister of Justice Ulsi Manja held a press conference this Saturday afternoon, which coincides with the 12th anniversary of the January 21 event, where 4 citizens were killed during the protest in front of the Prime Minister’s Office. The Minister of Justice has stated that the event should be investigated as a … Read more

Berisha for incinerators: Important documents were not considered by SPAK

13:30 23/12/2022 In a press conference, Berisha said about the Feri incinerator that the legal procedure is the responsibility of the mayor and his company, but he was not affected at all. Berisha says that important documents have emerged which were not considered by SPAK prosecutors. Journalist: You said that SPAK was drugged with the … Read more

Rama agrees with Kim: KLP should not be influenced by anyone for the election of the new head of SPAK

11:04 14/12/2022 In a post on social networks, Prime Minister Edi Rama has expressed his agreement with the American ambassador in Tirana, Yuri Kim, on the process of electing the new head of SPAK. The head of the government says that the new head of the Special Prosecutor’s Office is not chosen by the government, … Read more

DP: SPAK to investigate the file of lawyer Ravik Gurra

15:46 22/11/2022 “Taulant Balla, the politician who ordered the murders” The Democratic Party asks SPAK to open and investigate the file of lawyer Ravik Gurra, since according to it, from the testimonies of Ardian Çapjas and the repentant justice Nuredin Dumani, the name of Taulant Balla is mentioned as the politician who ordered the murder. … Read more

Balla: SPAK to start the investigation on Russian financing in DP

11:45 07/11/2022 The chairman of the parliamentary group of the Socialist Party, Taulant Balla, has called on SPAK to start investigations into Russian funding in the Democratic Party. In a statement to the media from the premises of the Assembly, Balla accused Sali Berisha of harming the national interests of both Albania and Kosovo. “While … Read more