Basha invites citizens: Let’s start a journey together without delay, 100% open lists

17:43 24/05/2023 The former chairman of the Democratic Party Lulzim Basha has returned to the political scene after more than a year. In his meeting with young people in Tirana, Basha invited all citizens to come together to start a new path that will enable Albanians to have the power to vote. The latter, says … Read more

SP asks the justice system to start investigations against Kryemadhi

18:05 04/04/2023 “Kryemadhi’s involvement in Russian financing would be heavy for politics in Albania” SP asks the justice to investigate PL MP Monika Kryemadhi regarding Russian funding. MP Preto Ko├ži says that Kryemadhi’s bank transfers with offshore companies linked to Russia are worrying for Albania. Socialists demand clarification from Kryemadhi about the information that she … Read more

Berisha: The DP in power will start the change of Albania with the teachers

18:29 07/03/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held a meeting with the teachers. In his speech, chief democrat Berisha promised that once the DP comes to power, the change of Albania will start with the teachers. Berisha added that with the DP in power, the budget for education will be increased and … Read more

Rama: We are about to start work to revive the Bird Bridge over the Mat River

12:07 15/02/2023 The project drawn up by the Faculty of Civil Engineering has received the green light from the National Council of Material Cultural Heritage for the intervention on the Bird Bridge over the Mat River. Prime Minister Rama announced the news through a post on Facebook, where he wrote that the work to revive … Read more

Berisha: We will start the “name and shame” practice. The protests will continue until the triumph

12:35 10/02/2023 The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, held the weekly conference with journalists. The Chief Democrat said that all variants are possible after being asked if the PD will lead the protest on February 11 or if it will be led. According to Berisha, Saturday’s rally is the beginning of a revolution … Read more

Berisha appeals to the youth of the FRPD: Let’s start our revolution with the motto “Let’s go to God Albania”

20:04 07/02/2023 In a meeting with the young people of the Youth Forum of the Democratic Party, the chairman of the Democratic Party Sali Berisha called on them to “give God to Albania”. During his speech, the chairman of the Democratic Party Berisha told the young people that the eyes and minds of the Albanians … Read more

Combat drones agreement, Peleshi: We will start with three and grow in the future

16:39 20/12/2022 The Albanian government signed today the agreement for the purchase of “Bayraktar” unmanned combat drones. Minister of Defense Niko Peleshi, present at this event, expressed his enthusiasm for cooperation with the Republic of Turkey and clarified the importance of this for our country. Niko Peleshi: What we are writing and celebrating today is … Read more

The leadership of the SP meets, the journalist: It was decided to start the polls, the citizens will be asked about their favorite candidate

20:19 13/12/2022 Today, the Socialist Party held a meeting of district leaders where they discussed the preparations being made for the upcoming local elections. After the meeting, responding to the high interest of journalists, Prime Minister Rama also commented on the latest developments in the country. Journalist Elja Zotka has reported in a direct link … Read more