Deaths are falling quickest in over-80s in England and Wales, ONS statistics show

Over-80s Covid deaths have fallen by more than 90 per cent since the peak of the second wave in England and Wales, official figures revealed today in another promising sign the vaccines roll-out is beating the virus. Office for National Statistics data showed 379 fatalities were linked to the virus in this age group in … Read more

UK’s real Covid death toll hits 150,000, according to the Office for National Statistics

More than 150,000 coronavirus deaths have been recorded in Britain since the pandemic began, official figures revealed today. Announcing the grim milestone, the Office for National Statistics revealed 150,116 death certificates between the start of the pandemic and March 19 mentioned the virus. But other promising figures showed weekly Covid deaths fell below 1,000 in … Read more

Smart motorway death crash statistics will be analysed by roads regulator

Smart motorway death crash statistics will be analysed by roads regulator as Grant Shapps continues to insist they are safe The Transport Secretary has ordered an independent review of safety data  Fourteen people were killed in 2019 on motorways without a hard shoulder  A coroner said smart motorways ‘present an ongoing risk of future deaths’ By … Read more

Statistics chief Ian Diamond hails wonderful’ vaccine rollout but warns of new autumn wave of cases

Statistics chief Ian Diamond says ‘wonderful’ vaccine rollout means Covid cases are the lowest since last September but warns there is ‘no doubt’ there will be a fresh wave of cases in the autumn Prof Diamond said case rate in England was down to 0.37 per cent – 6,000 a day But although it’s lowest … Read more

Ministers ‘flying blind’ on migrant statistics because monitoring has ‘fallen apart’ during pandemic

Ministers are ‘flying blind’ on migrant statistics because monitoring how many foreigners are travelling to and from Britain has ‘fallen apart’ during Covid-19 pandemic Academics say there is no reliable data on how many migrants arrived last year  They also noted that an extra 1.25million people had ‘appeared’ in one survey Director of the Migration … Read more

No10’s publicly-available coronavirus statistics are ‘disparate’, top scientists warn

Number 10‘s publicly-available coronavirus statistics are ‘disparate’ and mask the true scale of England’s second wave, top scientists have warned. Researchers from University College London warned there are ‘significant gaps in data quality, consistency and availability’ which make tracking the virus’ trajectory near-impossible. They slammed ministers for cherry-picking figures — which are ‘often from disparate sources … Read more

Coronavirus: ONS statistics suggest England outbreak still growing but slowing down

More proof England’s Covid-19 outbreak is slowing down? ONS estimates 35,200 people got infected every day last week – a rise of 26% in a week (but the speed of growth has slowed again) Office for National Statistics data is based on random swab testing of the population across England Its estimates last week were … Read more

Coronavirus cases in Britain ARE rising, statistics show

Coronavirus cases in Britain ARE rising: Official for National Statistics and symptom-tracking app agree there are now more than 3,200 new infections per day and climbing ‘Estimate suggests the number of infections has increased in recent weeks,’ the ONS admitted today ONS predicts that almost 40,000 people are ill with the coronavirus at any time … Read more

Cases of Covid-19 were at least THREE TIMES higher than official statistics showed, study

Coronavirus cases were at least three times higher than the Government was reporting at the height of the UK’s crisis, data suggests. Analysis of thousands of GP appointment records show there were 8,985 suspected Covid-19 cases between February 14 and April 30. This is the number of people who family doctors thought had Covid, but could … Read more

England’s coronavirus outbreak shrinks AGAIN, official statistics show

England’s coronavirus outbreak has slowed down for a third week in a row with official statistics estimating there are now just 2,200 new cases per day. Some 28,200 people in England are thought to be infected at any one time – 0.05 per cent of the population or one in every 1,900 people. This total, … Read more