Red kite is spotted soaring through the sky in Stoke with a McDonald’s cup clasped in its talons

Not lovin’ it: Red kite is spotted soaring through the sky with a McDonald’s cup clasped in its talons – laying bare the scourge of litter on nature Photographer Chad Brown captured bird of prey in Stoke-by-Nayland, Suffolk He said the red kite dived down before reappearing with the cup in its talons RSPB said … Read more

Widow, 49, whose husband killed himself saves suicidal woman by talking her down from Stoke bridge

Widow, 49, whose husband killed himself saves suicidal young mother’s life by talking her down from bridge 30ft above busy main road Clare Smith was driving to work when she spotted woman standing on bridge  Realising the woman was about to jump 30ft, Clare pulled over and ran to her  Clare, whose husband committed suicide, … Read more

Google Maps: Stoke pranksters stage axe murder scene as they see camera

Crime seen! Pranksters are snapped staging an axe murder scene in the street after spotting the Google Maps van Image showed man wielding object as his friend lays beneath him on the street Many weren’t fooled by scene, which took place in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire Several told how the men likely saw the Google car coming … Read more

What will be in the Budget? A giveaway to stoke a post-pandemic recovery

Rishi Sunak: Ready to help stoke a post-lockdown boom The Government is expected to follow up its successful vaccine programme with a feel-good giveaway Budget to stimulate an economic recovery from the pandemic.  Chancellor Rishi Sunak is apparently prepared to help stoke a post-lockdown boom, and put off tax rises to pay the mammoth Covid-19 … Read more

Stoke on Trent drug driver Ethan Vernall is jailed for 14 months

Drug driver goes the wrong way down dual carriageway in dramatic 40-minute chase captured in police dashcam and helicopter footage  Ethan Vernall,30, was captured in shocking video footage during a car chase He was spotted speeding through Stoke-on-Trent on April 19, 2020 by police   The father-of-four was jailed for 14 months at Stoke on Trent … Read more

Britain’s fattest regions include Wirral, Wigan, Stoke and Nottingham

The people of Wirral are officially the fattest in Britain with more hospital admissions for obesity-related illnesses than anywhere else in the country.  Hot on their heels are those who live in Wigan, York, Stoke-on-Trent and Nottingham. The five regions all recorded admission rates of over 3,000 per 100,000 population. However, Wokingham and West Berkshire … Read more

Stoke is the kindest town in the UK with the most generous residents

Stoke is the kindest town in the UK with the most generous residents as 70% performed at least three good deeds in the last month, study says Craft company Cricut asked 2,000 Britons which acts of kindness they had done  Options included shopping for a neighbour or buying food for a homeless person 68 per … Read more

Murder probe after woman, 29, who fled house in Stoke dies of stab wounds and man, 39, is arrested

Blood-soaked mother, 29, carrying her baby banged on doors screaming for help after she was fatally stabbed as man, 39, is quizzed on suspicion of murder The victim with stab wounds was seen fleeing onto the road in Stoke on Friday It followed a disturbance at a house in Leigh Street, Burslem, in Staffordshire Detectives are … Read more

Coronavirus UK: Nearly 600 NHS staff are off work amid outbreak at hospitals in Stoke and Stafford

Nearly 600 NHS hospital staff are self-isolating after six fell ill with coronavirus by not wearing face masks when sharing lifts to and from work.   Yesterday 987 of the trust’s 11,500 staff were off sick, of whom 583 either had Covid-19 or were isolating because someone in their household had symptoms. Meanwhile, six staff were told … Read more

Sunderland, Dundee and Stoke On Trent see the sharpest rise in housing transactions

The locations with the biggest jump in housing transactions during the pandemic have been revealed. They include Sunderland, Dundee and Stoke-on-Trent, according to the exclusive figures by Lloyds Banking Group. It found that Sunderland saw the biggest rise in the number of transactions, up 91.3 per cent in the three months from June to August, … Read more