Tensions in the north of Kosovo, Rama: I join the appeal to stop walking on this dangerous path

18:36 26/05/2023 Prime Minister Edi Rama has reacted after the tensions in the north of Kosovo. The head of the government says that he joins the appeal of internationals not to walk on this dangerous but also unnecessary path today. According to Rama, the center of attention of international friends is dialogue, normalization and mutual … Read more

Veliaj with the residents of Kombinati, Astir and Kashari: We will not stop

14:37 11/05/2023 The SP candidate for Tirana, Erion Veliaj held a meeting with the residents of Kombinati, Kashari and Astir, to whom he promised that the third mandate, after May 14, will be dedicated specifically to these areas in Tirana, which, like the school Lasgush Poradeci” in Kombinat, 5 new schools Astir, Yzberisht and Kashar … Read more

The opposition blocks the rostrum/ Balla: I propose to stop the discussions and go immediately to the vote

12:17 02/02/2023 After the speaker of the Parliament, Lindita Nikolla, said that the Prime Minister has delegated to Minister Spiropali the holding of the interpellation with the opposition regarding the “McGonigal” issue, this was not accepted by the opposition, who requested Prime Minister Rama. After Speaker Nikolla announced that under these conditions, the interpellation is … Read more

Veliaj: No one can stop the development of Tirana, not even the opposition

16:00 17/12/2022 Mayor: The opposition, cursing our work, has advertised the projects No one can stop investing in schools and projects that develop Tirana according to mayor Erion Veliaj. From unit 7 where he held a meeting with the youth, Veliaj said that the opposition opposes every project even though there have been invitations for … Read more

Berisha: The streets belong to the opposition citizens, nothing will stop us from going to the boulevard “Martyrs of the Nation”

18:30 02/12/2022 In the meeting with the residents of Unit 7 in Tirana, the chief democrat Sali Berisha stated that nothing will stop the protesters from protesting on the “Martyrs of the Nation” boulevard. During his speech, the chairman of the PD Berisha said that the protest that will be held on December 6 in … Read more

Berisha visits the flooded areas of Shkodra: Rama and Balluku did not want to stop the theft

12:50 21/11/2022 The chairman of PD Sali Berisha has headed towards the flooded areas in Shkodër. His first stop was in the village of Kuç, where he held a meeting with residents and made a statement to the media. Regarding the flood situation, the chief democrat Berisha said that “the floods came because Prime Minister … Read more

Rama: We will not stop fighting for the purity of Kosovo’s liberation war

09:56 25/09/2022 Prime Minister Edi Rama says that Albania will not stop fighting for the purity of Kosovo’s liberation war. “Albania will not stop fighting for the purity of the liberation war of Kosovo and the revision of the Council of Europe Resolution in support of the infamous report of the storyteller Dick Marty”. writes … Read more

MPs are urging doctors to stop using ‘body mass index’

MPs urge doctors to ban ‘shaming’ term BMI or ‘body mass index’ amid fears it can harm patients’ self image Doctors should stop using body mass index as a measure of health, MPs say  The MPs instea want medics to adopt a ‘health at every size’ approach  Committee also suggested ‘dangerous’ obesity strategy may make … Read more

Alex Salmond’s new Alba Party could STOP Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP gaining an outright majority

Alex Salmond’s upstart pro-independence Alba Party party could ruin Nicola Sturgeon‘s chances of an outright SNP majority in the Scottish parliament election, a new poll suggests today.   The Savanta ComRes poll for The Scotsman predicts the SNP will return 64 MSPs, one short of the 65 needed for a majority. The poll predicts the Alba … Read more

Farmers slam Blue Peter for encouraging children to stop eating meat for climate change challenge

Farmers and parents have slammed Blue Peter for encouraging children to stop eating meat after the TV show urged viewers to go vegetarian for a climate change challenge.  The children’s series is offering green badges – similar to the famous blue ones – to youngsters who are environmentally friendly as part of a two-week pledge. Sports … Read more