Large study debunks myth that Vitamin D reduces risk of mood disorders 

Vitamin D will not protect you from depression: Large study debunks myth that the ‘sunshine supplement’ reduces the risk of mood disorders Previous studies have linked low blood levels of vitamin D with higher risk for depression in middle-age and old age Researchers gave half of a group of 18,000 men and women vitamin D3 … Read more

World’s ‘smallest dinosaur’ is actually a LIZARD scientists admit in retraction of study

Amber, often used in jewellery, is fossilised tree resin, and the oldest dates back more than 300 million years. In the past few years the Hukawng Valley in northern Myanmar, formerly Burma, has yielded numerous finds. In January 2017, researchers discovered a 100-million-year-old insect preserved in amber which bore a passing resemblance to ET.  Its features were … Read more

Less than 1% of people under 50 treated for COVID-19 in Philadelphia suffered strokes, study finds 

Is the Covid-stroke link weaker than doctors thought? Just 2% of Philadelphia coronavirus patients suffered the devastating complication – and less than 1% were under age 50, study finds Of more than 800 patients at a Philadelphia hospital, just 2.4% suffered an ischemic stroke, which occur when blood flow is blocked to the brain The … Read more

Dog process speech in the same way as human brains do, study finds 

Despite not being able to talk, dogs process speech in the same way as humans do, according to a new study. Both dogs and human brains separately process the intonation – how a voice rises and falls – and the meaning of the words spoken.  Hungarian researchers used functional MRI – measures brain activity by detecting changes … Read more