Buttigieg has ‘new appreciation’ for paternity leave as poll finds 48% disapprove of absence

Pete Buttigieg returns to work after finding a ‘new appreciation’ for paternity leave: Biden’s Transportation secretary back to the office after poll finds nearly half of voters disapprove of his absence during supply chain crisis Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg returned to work in an event promoting electric vehicles on Wednesday outside the Transportation Department in … Read more

Supply chain crisis is unseen since WWII to bring disaster for Christmas: Resellers jack up prices

The current supply chain crisis is one unseen since World War II when ‘there were submarines sinking commercial traders,’ an expert says, and it’s bringing disaster for shoppers as items are being resold for more than double their cost and shipping delays mean more barren shelves. Holiday shopping is expected to be especially fraught this … Read more

WH Ron Klain promotes tweet calling inflation and supply chain crisis ‘high class problems’

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain agreed Wednesday that the U.S. economic problems are ‘high class problems’ White House Chief of Staff Ronald Klain claimed Wednesday evening that the current U.S. economic issues, including inflation and supply chain delays, are just ‘high class problems’.  Jason Furman, a Harvard Economics professor and former chairman of … Read more

Three-fifths of Brits ‘unable to do routine shopping over the past week’

Three-fifths of Britons say they have been unable to do routine shopping over the past week. Some 41 per cent reported failing to secure normal products in a poll for MailOnline, underlining the supply chain chaos wracking the country. Fuel was the most common problem, with 42 per cent saying they could not purchase any … Read more