The EU Ambassador meets Altin Dumani: We support an independent and effective SPAK

19:41 24/01/2023 The ambassador of the EU delegation in Tirana, Christiane Hohmann, met today with the head of SPAK, Altin Dumani. The meeting was officially announced by the office of the EU delegation. “Good conversation with the new Chief Prosecutor of SPAK, Mr. Altin Dumani. The EU fully supports an independent and effective SPAK. The … Read more

Tensions in the north, Rama: Kosovo has all the support of the Albanian government

11:52 12/12/2022 While participating in the presentation of the project of the new commercial port of DurrĂ«s in Porto Romano, Prime Minister Edi Rama commented on the situation in the north of Kosovo. He said that the Kosovo government has all the solidarity, understanding and support of the Albanian government. “First, I would like to … Read more

Summit, Von der Leyen: 1 billion Euro support for energy. We support the integration process of the region

16:35 06/12/2022 The President of the EC, Ursula von der Leyen, appreciated the welcome given in Tirana by Prime Minister Edi Rama for the summit between the EU and the Western Balkans. She said that this summit was fantastic and excellent. Speaking about the topics that have been discussed between the leaders, Von der Leyen … Read more

Berisha: Communists celebrate with the support of Hitler after the war

15:37 29/11/2022 “Rama, Vucic’s vassal. It is implementing the division of Kosovo” The appearance of veterans and supporters of the Communist Party with the portraits of the dictator Hoxha in the Martyrs’ cemetery has brought the reaction of the Chairman of the Democratic Party. Through a post on social networks, Berisha writes that they are … Read more

110th anniversary of Independence, Begaj: Albania should support the strengthening of Kosovo and always be united

10:45 28/11/2022 President Bajram Begaj delivered a speech at the ceremony that took place in Vlora this Monday on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Albania’s Independence. He congratulated all Albanians on Independence Day and said that it remains the greatest work of the Albanian nation. Begaj said that we should love the homeland … Read more

Suspected Russian missiles in Poland/Rama: Albania is worried, you have our full support

22:13 15/11/2022 The Prime Minister of the country, Edi Rama, reacted to the reports about the explosions of suspected Russian missiles in Poland, which left 2 people dead. Through a post on Twitter, Prime Minister Rama has said that Albania is seriously concerned about the news about the explosions in Poland. Rama emphasizes that Poland … Read more

Manja visits Koridhalos prison: Albanians in Greek prisons will not be left without support from the Albanian state

19:10 07/11/2022 The Minister of Justice, Ulsi Manja, visited the Koridhalos prison in Greece. This is the first time that an Albanian Minister of Justice visits Albanian prisoners in Greece. Also, it is reported that the visit was requested by Manja herself. It is learned that the minister has expressed that the Albanians in the … Read more

President Biden’s message to Begaj: Support Albania for a leadership role in the Balkans

11:45 07/11/2022 The President of the Republic of Albania Bajram Begaj received today, during the meeting with the US Representative to the UN, Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, a message of thanks and gratitude from President Biden for Albania and the Albanian people for the strong cooperation in the advancement of bilateral relations, regional stability and global … Read more

Berisha: I reaffirm full support for the success of the university trade union movement

12:43 24/10/2022 Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has expressed his support for the teachers’ protest. In a statement to the media, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Berisha, emphasized that the Democratic Party supports all the demands of the lecturers and undertakes to prioritize the addressing of every request they have presented so far. Sali Berisha: … Read more

Berisha meeting with the PD education department: We support the strike you started

19:34 18/10/2022 At the meeting of the Department of Education at the headquarters of the DP, the chief democrat Sali Berisha is also present. During his speech, the chairman of the Democratic Party, Berisha, invited doctors and nurses to fulfill their obligation to save the system. Sali Berisha: I invite the doctors, nurses to fulfill … Read more