Basha: May 14, the date of the final expiration of the political system in Albania

17:32 24/05/2023 Lulzim Basha returned to a public meeting after more than 1 year after resigning from the position of the chairman of the Democratic Party. He was with the young people this Wednesday where he stopped to talk about Albanian politics. He emphasized that politics has shown that it recycles the old. According to … Read more

Financing of political parties, Celibashi: Through the system, the CEC will do everything for transparency

10:06 19/04/2023 The head of the Central Election Commission, Ilirjan Celibashi, spoke today in a press conference about the system that will monitor and collect data on the financing of political parties. Celibashi emphasized that this system enables the verification of every political subject during the election campaign so that there are no abuses of … Read more

SP asks the justice system to start investigations against Kryemadhi

18:05 04/04/2023 “Kryemadhi’s involvement in Russian financing would be heavy for politics in Albania” SP asks the justice to investigate PL MP Monika Kryemadhi regarding Russian funding. MP Preto Koçi says that Kryemadhi’s bank transfers with offshore companies linked to Russia are worrying for Albania. Socialists demand clarification from Kryemadhi about the information that she … Read more

Berisha: Forget Skavica, you will not overthrow Dibra. Spiropali retorts: You are the gravedigger of the Albanian energy system

14:34 20/10/2022 Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has stated that what the government he led for energy has done is epoch-making. Addressing Deputy Prime Minister Balluku, Berisha said to forget about the construction of Skavica because he will not allow it to overthrow Dibra. Meanwhile, the reply to Berisha came from minister Elisa Spiropali, who said … Read more

NASA gets first weather report from the Jerezo Crater Mars using a system strapped to Perseverance

NASA has shared the first weather report from Jezero Crater on Mars – and the once ancient lake appears to experience frigid temperatures. The Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer (MEDA) system aboard the Perseverance rover captured the surrounded temperatures for 30 minutes February 19 at around 10:25pm ET. The data shows that it was just below … Read more

Boris Johnson unveils traffic light system for international travel

What did Boris Johnson announce at today’s press conference? The next step of easing lockdown will go ahead as planned: The PM confirmed that non-essential shops, gyms, hairdressers and libraries in England will reopen from April 12 while pubs and restaurants will be allowed to serve customers outdoors. A mass-testing scheme: Everyone in England will … Read more

Boris Johnson on course to give the green light to trips abroad under a traffic light system

Foreign holidays on track to start May 17! Boris is on course to give the green light to trips abroad under a traffic light system after success of the vaccine rollout and Covid-19 deaths falling Boris Johnson set to give green light to traffic light system from next month The move would mean families could … Read more

Storm over student visa job reforms as ministers are accused of making ‘reckless’ changes to system

Storm over student visa job reforms as ministers are accused of making ‘reckless’ changes to the system Migration Watch criticised move to allow foreign grads to take low-skilled jobs  Only those with higher-paid offers qualify for a visa under new points system But students can avoid lower-skilled worker curbs from July 1 for up to … Read more

Coronavirus study: Immune system will recognise ‘virtually all’ types of Covid after vaccine

Immunity and vaccines WILL protect people against Brazilian and South African Covid variants because white blood cells recognise ‘virtually all’ versions of the virus, study claims Researchers in the US and Singapore tested immunity against new virus variants They said immune system T-cells were able to recognise ‘virtually all’ Covid T-cells are crucial part of … Read more

Coronavirus: People living with someone with weak immune system to be put on jab priority list

Healthy people who live with an adult with a weak immune system will be added to the UK’s Covid vaccine priority list. Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed today that all adults who share a home with someone who is immunocompromised will be offered a vaccine by mid-April. Those include people living with someone who is … Read more